Know 7 benefits of squash and start practicing it

Squash practice helps us exercise the whole body and is considered one of the healthiest sports. Know what its benefits are and encourage yourself to practice it.

Last update: November 07, 2021

The squash it is one of the most complete sports when it comes to working the whole body and providing healthy benefits. Although it is a practice not very well known to many, little by little it is gaining followers.

Do you dare to discover what this exciting game is about? Keep reading and know how to play squash and its benefits.

How do you play squash?

It is a sport that is practiced with rackets and in which two opponents face each other. They should alternately hit a rubber ball against a wall.

The opponent’s response must be before the ball bounces twice on the floor. The side walls, as well as the bottom one, can be used.

When one of the contestants misses, his opponent earns a point. The match is defined when one of the athletes wins three sets eleven points out of the five in dispute.

The origins of this practice date back to England, at the beginning of the 19th century. Apparently, it began as a diversion for convicts in London jails; then it was played in schools and, later, it was regulated and made official as a sport.

One of the versions indicates that squash refers to the sound of the ball bouncing off the walls. It is also said to be play pumpkin, for its translation into Spanish.

Learn about the benefits of squash that will help you to be better

The practice of squash It is suitable and even ideal for adults and minors. It is a very dynamic game that will put your whole body to the test

Keep in mind that it is an intense sport that generates great wear and tear. However, it brings us benefits for physical and mental health, in addition to giving us a moment of fun.

This sport is demanding and demands a lot of movement and concentration.

1. Work all the muscles

It is a sport in which we use the whole body constantly. The racket hit exercises the arms, wrists, and back.

On the other hand, reaching the ball requires an agile movement of the legs in each intervention, which also works the glutes. Exercise helps increase our strength and gives us greater power.

2. Improves coordination and reflexes

To counteract the opponent’s blows, you must act quickly and even instinctively. The speed at which the ball is going and the need for immediate response activates all the muscles. This gives us greater agility, flexibility and reflexes.

3. Strengthens the heart

The practice of squash involves good cardiovascular exercise. By improving blood circulation, it also reduces the risk of heart disease.

4. Helps to lose weight

So much constant movement generates calorie loss, therefore, the squash it is ideal for weight loss. And the best thing is that we did it without even thinking about that goal. Up to 900 calories can be burned for every hour of play.

5. Act against stress

This is one of the sports considered therapeuticas it benefits mental health. The constant concentration that the game requires leaves no room to think about everyday problems.

After physical exhaustion, sports practice allows us better relaxation and rest. It is ideal for releasing tension.

6. Everyone can practice it

While getting the technique might take time, amateur practice is suitable for all ages. In addition, you can choose to compete or play with the aim of having fun.

7. It is played all year

Because it is an indoor sport, the practice of squash not subject to weather conditions. Rain, wind, cold or heat are not factors that condition the game.

Tips to keep in mind before doing the first squash practice

Before starting any sports practice it is important to have a medical check-up. The squash it is not exempt from it.

In case of having suffered injuries or cardiovascular problems, it is essential to consult a specialist. If there are no inconveniences, then we will be in a position to have fun and take advantage of the benefits of the squash.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind before playing it for the first time:

  • Perform a medical check-up.
  • Take an adequate previous feeding.
  • Hydrate properly.
  • Learn the basic rules of the game.
  • Get a good warm-up and stretching.
  • Take short breaks from time to time.
  • Do stretching exercises after practice.
Being an indoor sport, it does not depend on the weather and can be combined with daily activities, in a free space on the agenda.

Go ahead and try squash and enjoy its benefits

The squash it is one of the most complete and healthy sports. It is one of the best options when it comes to experiencing something new, having a good time and taking care of your health. After exhausting our energies on the court, the body will appreciate the fact of feeling more relaxed.

On the other hand, the amateur practice of squash it does not require hard-to-find equipment. Comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear will suffice.

Surely, on the court they will provide us with the ball and rackets. It is only a matter of inviting the couple, challenging a friend or friend or going individually.

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