Kitchens with colored furniture: the deco trend that is sweeping Instagram and Pinterest and that you will want to copy in your home

Nordic minimalism, the prominence of white, the importance of natural light, the versatility and functionality of spaces… We know the best tricks to make our kitchen look bigger, how to order it to make the most of the space and, incidentally, , lose weight and since, in addition, we have studied everything that takes this year, we are in love with the kitchens with colored furniture that we keep seeing on Instagram and Pinterest. Yellows, greens, blues, reds, blacks, grays and even pinks: we give you the keys to copy the trend that sweeps the most stylish houses.

Ideas to decorate your kitchen with colorful furniture in blue, green and gray. / Pinterest/Instagram

The first thing you have to know is that a kitchen in full color is not easy. When you choose the tone that you are going to make the protagonist of the room, you must have it very clear and be very sure of your choice if you don’t want to get tired after two years, because kitchen furniture is not changed with the same ease and budget as living room cushions. The easiest thing is to bet on a palette, within the color, as neutral as possible (blues, greens and grays are safe bets) and take into account elements such as natural light or the space we have: the more we have, the more we can risk without fear of our kitchen shrinking.

Ideas to decorate your kitchen with green or gray furniture. / Pinterest/Instagram

As we said, blues, greens and grays are the easiest shades to achieve spectacular results, although the black It will always be a very elegant option (only for large kitchens with lots of light) and the yellow It will bring a lot of light and a very cheerful touch to the space. do Tones to run away from? The truth is that reds and oranges, especially in glossy finishes, had their moment of glory a few years ago, but (luckily) that time has passed; and with the pinks we can fall into a ‘Barbie house effect’ if we introduce it beyond details such as stools or appliances.

Ideas to decorate your kitchen with colored furniture in yellow, black or with pink details. / Pinterest/Instagram

What’s more, it is not necessary that you bet on the same color in absolutely all the kitchen furniture. Our favorite proposals combine the colored fronts of the lower part with minimalist white furniture in the upper part and with light countertops and tiles, to generate a greater feeling of spaciousness and better reflect the light. In addition, wood is always a good ally: it goes with almost any colour, it brings warmth to the room and gives that fashionable ‘cottage’ touch.

Ideas to decorate your kitchen with colored furniture combined with wood and white. / Pinterest/Instagram

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