Kidney and liver cleansing: what are its benefits and contraindications?

The kidneys They are two organs that are the size of a fist and whose functions are related to filtering the blood, eliminating waste, among others. While the liverIt is one of the largest organs in our body, its cells, the hepatocytes, carry out up to 500 different functions. Therefore it is important to carry out a kidney and liver cleanse when necessary so that both organs are in good condition. While there are many benefits that these cleanings offer, some contraindications should also be highlighted to avoid complications.

A liver cleanse is not always necessary, but can be done when indigestion is slow, when some eczema has appeared on the skin. Also when you have high cholesterol levels, lack of vital energy and a yellowish or whitish tongue.

On the other hand, kidney cleansing may be necessary when the person experiences symptoms such as; fluid retention, infections or diseases such as type II diabetes millitus.

Once it has been identified whether or not the process is necessary, the debugging techniques can be used.

How to clean the kidneys and urinary tract?

The plan to detoxify the kidneys basically consists of eliminating the consumption of some unhealthy foods and beverages that can hinder their functions. It is also proposed to maintain a balanced diet and balanced in calories, guaranteeing an adequate supply of nutrients.

To bring out the new eating habit, Avoid processed foods, carbonated drinks, fried foods and sweets. Foods that are high in protein should also be excluded. calcium and phosphorus, because these substances promote the formation of kidney stones. In addition, a greater amount of water and drinks based on natural ingredients are recommended, among which the following should be considered.

Herbs for cleansing the kidneys

  • Parsley

It is ideal through infusions to avoid the appearance of stones in the kidneys. But if you are taking anticoagulant, you should avoid the consumption of this herb.

  • Horse tail

Has properties antioxidants and antidiuretics, so it is used to treat kidney stones and stone problems. It also helps incontinence and cures urinary infections.

It is an excellent herb to help the kidney recover from injury.

  • Dandelion

Its active principles have a diuretic and antioxidant effect that prevents the appearance of stones.

  • Celery root

It works as a kidney stimulant thanks to its potassium and sodium content.

Also known as bearberry, it is used to cleanse the kidneys, and due to its astringent effect it calms and tones the urinary tract.

Cleaning the urinary tract

On the other hand, cleaning the bladder and urinary tract is done by following a set of good lifestyle habits such as drinking enough water every day. Also, drinking cranberry juice is of great benefit to eliminate any urinary infection. This drink being based on vitamin C and rich in antioxidants can clean the bladder. The infusion of dandelion and the consumption of watermelons is also recommended.

How to cleanse the liver?

In the liver cleansing processes, experts advise following a diet rich in vegetables, green leafy vegetables, vegetable proteins, natural cereals and fish. The consumption of meat, dairy, sugars, sausages and processed foods should be reduced.

It is also very important to drink plenty of water and liquids in the form of broths or infusions. Some plants that can also contribute to the detoxification of the liver is the dandelion, as it increases the secretion of bile and promotes good digestion. And the marine thistle, since it contributes to the care of the liver and the regeneration of dysfunctional hepatocytes.

At the level of oligotherapy Sulfur can be highlighted as an excellent cleanser for the liver and gallbladder.

Epsom salt cleaning

It is a purification technique rescued by the Dr. Andreas Moritz of Ayurvedic medicine. The procedure consists of several cleanings that must be performed periodically (once a month) at least 6 times.

It consists of a liver purification based on salts, apple juice, coffee and water. During the first 6 days the body is prepared with apple juice, later with organic coffee for 6 more days. Then 4 tablespoons of epsom salts in 600 ml are placed in a jar and taken 2 times a day, the first one taken at 7 pm and the second at 9 pm for 2 to 4 days.

Benefits and cons of kidney and liver cleansing

With a kidney and liver cleaning, it is possible to completely drain and eliminate what is accumulated in the body. For example; toxins, cholesterol, and other fat fractions. They also improve digestion and maintain the flow of bile, stimulating the motility of the gallbladder.

They favor mood and concentration levels. Helps weight loss, increases sports performance and reduces insomnia.

In addition, it prevents poor digestion, unwanted flatulence, bad breath and cough. Yes, there are many benefits that can be achieved with these purifications. But, there are also some contraindications.

The disadvantages of these cleanings are that some of them cannot be performed on older people. They can cause complications such as nausea and stomach pain when you are not prepared for them


With a highly planned diet and with the help of some phytotherapeutic and / or orthomolecular supplement, you can renew and cleanse the liver and kidneys. Discipline is necessary to carry out the debugging. It should be noted that it is always required to inform the doctor about the renal or hepatic purification method before performing it.

Have you had a kidney or liver cleanse before? Do you know any other benefits?