Keys to stop smoking without getting fat

The tobacco is a very harmful habit that you should eliminate right away from your life and the fear of increasing size does not have to be one of the reasons that prevent you from quitting. We give you the keys to leave without fattening a gram.

Smoking kills, you already know that and if there are not already the packs to remind you. If you smoke, you increase the risk of coronary, respiratory, cancer … Do not stop the fact that the vast majority of smokers get fatter by quitting because it is a factor that you will be able to control with willpower and a few simple guidelines.


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Take foods that worsen the taste of tobacco

And which are they? A study by Duke University (USA) has found the key to facilitate the cessation of smoking through diet. According to the investigation, fruits, vegetables and dairy products would make the taste of tobacco worse and, on the contrary, meat, alcohol or coffee would enhance its flavor. Leave these last foods for a season to avoid anxiety or worse, fall into the temptation to catch a cigarette.

Note that when you stop smoking, food will start to taste better and it's another reason, coupled with anxiety, for which you can take a few extra kilograms.


Drink water

Drinking water It will help you to maintain the feeling of satiety for longer and also to purify the body by eliminating toxins. Always carry a bottle with you, sometimes what seems emotional hunger, that will make you binge with the first thing you catch in the fridge, can be triggered by thirst.

To keep the mucous membranes hydrated and enhance the diuretic effect of water you can drink water infused with fruit or infusions. Relaxing infusions such as valerian or lime tea will also help relieve stress and anxiety that causes the fact of quitting smoking.


Run away from junk food

During the first weeks avoid unhealthy foods such as industrial bakery, prepared food, soft drinks and ultra-processed foods. All these foods, besides enhancing the taste of snuff according to scientists at Duke University, are also very caloric and with very low nutritional value so they will make you gain weight without practically providing nutrients.

Junk food is usually high in carbohydrates that will increase blood glucose levels, this causes the body to produce more insulin to eliminate excess sugar and then store it in the form of fat in the body. Opt for healthier foods, with fewer calories and satiating like quinoa, vegetables, dried fruit or sauerkraut And forget for a few days the chips, the beer and the frozen pizza.


Minimizes stimulants

Coffee, chocolate or soft drinks will stimulate your nervous system because of the caffeine they contain. If you want to say goodbye to tobacco forever you should avoid them during the first weeks so that they are not a trigger to fail in the attempt. Try to be as relaxed as possible these days, taking foods that bring you well-being such as bananas, oats, dairy or lettuce.

Not only is it important to have a healthy diet, but lifestyle and respecting circadian rhythms will help channel anxiety. Do not forget that the blue light emitted by electronic devices will alter your sleep hormones and it is not the best time to add more harmful stimulants in your life if you want to extinguish the cigarette once and for all by controlling your weight.


Healthy pecking

Yes, you will want to eat it all, chips, greasy pizza, cola, ice cream, snacks … but make a small effort and always have healthy snacks to forget these undesirable foods.

Prepare crudités to have a quick and healthy snack that provides satiating fiber quickly, you can take them alone or with hummus or guacamole. The nuts are a great option to always carry on. The fruit is also a great ally in these moments, like blueberries or raspberries. Now in summer You can have tuppers in the fridge with melon or watermelon cut into pieces to peck when you feel the need to eat something sweet. Raisins are also a great choice.


Exercise is your ally

When you give up tobacco, the body oxygenates better and exercising will help you a lot in the process. Besides feeling physically better, psychologically sport is a great way to channel stress and irritability. It's the best time to go swimming, riding a bike, going for a run or a walk, doing yoga … Your body and your mind will be more relaxed and the activity will bring you much-needed well-being to overcome your challenge.

Give up smoking it requires sacrifice and willpower, encouragement, we are sure that you will be able to do it and take not a single gram of more.

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