Keys to know when we should change hand sanitizer

The hand sanitizer He has become a precious friend during this pandemic. Although it is not as effective as soap and water, it is a good ally when we are on the street and we have touched something that may have passed through many other hands. Of course, it is important to remember that in order to be truly effective, your mixture must have at least 70% alcohol.

Also, if you can't find it on the market or you think it's excessively expensive, you can always make it yourself. It is not unusual, because as it has been one of the protagonists of the coronavirus pandemic, along with the masks, 'The New York Times'already warned in early March that its sale had reached a 73% peak compared to last year, which led to small follies, such as their prices soaring on platforms like Amazon. If you want to learn how to make a homemade one, here we explain how.

Make sure your disinfectant is at least 70% alcohol and be wary of it if it smells funny, has been left open, or is cracking your hands

Perhaps you have landed on this article because your disinfectant is not at its best. Maybe it's ending or you still have it from the 2009 influenza A, and you thought it would continue to work. Be that as it may, if you have doubts about whether it's still effective or notHere are some signs that will help you discover it.

You have forgotten it in the sun for a long time

Bad signal. As reported in 'Best Life' magazine, the alcohol-based hand sanitizer generally contains ethyl alcohol, which "evaporates at room temperature." So, if by mistake you left it in the sun, it could have lost its effectiveness, and if you forgot in the car and it got hot, it could be dangerous, according to the Professor Greg Boyce of Chemistry. Store it in a cool place.

Dries your hands

The hand sanitizer has alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and water, and all these components, being chemical substances, can dry out the skin and create cracks. The dangerous thing is that, if they do, they are helping bacteria and viruses break the natural barrier that the skin provides.

You left the lid open

If you've accidentally left it open for a long time (or maybe the lid is broken), then we have bad news for you: alcohol evaporates quickly, so you should worry about its effectiveness.

It's expired

Maybe you didn't know, but hand sanitizers they also have a shelf life and therefore have an expiration date. They usually do not last beyond two or three years, so the one you bought in 2009 is normal that it has expired … however, in case of doubts, look at the back in case you clarify your doubts.

It smells weird

If you haven't found the expiration date, another way to guess if it's past is precisely because of the smell. When the disinfectant expires, certain ingredients become less effective and they can emit an odor that did not exist before expiration.

Have less than 70% alcohol

We have said it before but we repeat it: if it has less than that percentage, it is not effective. It does not mean that it can be harmful, but it could leak some bacteria. In addition, when it only has 70% and some alcohol evaporates, it could also end up losing its effectiveness, so the recommendation is that you get the one with the highest percentage to be sure.