Keep your spirits up: the latest fitness trend is listening to your emotions (and forgetting about calories)

Although it is common for gyms to adapt their sports offer to the results your clients crave, It is not so common that training is adjusted to something that must be taken into account as well as the physical form of the person training: their state of mind. The pandemic has brought with it a greater understanding of mental health and a growing interest in wellness, and also a change in that direction. Olivia Brierley, founder of Mindfulsoul Pilates, believes in the importance of attending to our emotions so that the workouts are adapted to them, and not the other way around.

The web of this empire of mindfulness offers an extensive library of trainings that seek to reset and balance mind and body, and invites each user to listen to their inner voice to know which practice is the most appropriate at that precise moment. In this way, he trusts that his disciplines serve as “a tool to navigate through the different stages of life.” This paradigm coincides with that of Clara Saladich, Co-founder of Serotonin, a boutique studio that focuses on its followers secrete serotonin, which produces a feeling of fullness and unique happiness. “I emphasize to clients the importance of learning to listen not only physically, but also mentally. When, due to problems at work, potholes in relationships or even hormonal changes, our mood is lower, it is essential to know what is best for us.

In delicate moments, exercise routines have become the sporty Lexatin for those who have found in sports the best way to combat anxiety and stress. «More than a gym, Challenge 48 is a philosophy of life that is based on four pillars: exercise, nutrition, aesthetics and mind. The mental part is, in reality, the one that we change the most, because our clients come with concrete and classic objectives such as lose weight, gain muscle or get to the ‘operation nougat’ well, but during the process it is their minds that are most modified, as well as the way they feel about themselves “, comments Sara Álvarez Freixas, Co-CEO and co-founder of Reto 48, who is trusted by celebrities like Tamara Falcó.

It is necessary that we take these minutes for ourselves, pamper ourselves and stop the maelstrom in which we are all immersed “, explains Cristina Pedroche at the end of the class of conscious breathing taught in Virtual Training, an application in whose categories there is a section on “body and mind” and in which the presenter sometimes acts as a teacher. «In peaks of stress, I would bet on yoga, because it is such a strong mental exercise that it is perfect for try to control that madness of thoughts that we have in the head while we tone and stretch the body. In yoga class, a mental exercise is carried out so powerful and difficult that a lot is learned in times of stress.

If instead we are angry, I would recommend HIIT or boxing, where all the energy is taken out. It does not fail! ”, Explains Clara Saladich, from the Serotonin study. There is no doubt that e The mantra mens sana in corpore sana is now more important When it comes to training that the «no pain, no gain», and why deny it: we appreciate it.

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