Kaizen method: the Japanese routine to order your house with just one minute a day

We would all like to get maintain order in our house without spending too much time, that is why the different organizational methods that achieve it succeed. The flylady methodfor example, ensures you maintain order in your home with just 15 minutes a day and the Oosouji It is a Japanese millennial method that sweeps Instagram. Combining the main characteristics of each one, we bring you the Kaizen Methodthe Japanese routine with which you will be able to order your house with just one minute a day.

The minute rule which is based on the Kaizen method consists of executing the same task for 60 seconds each day in order to gradually acquire a routine. This system aims to gradually implant a habit, starting with doing the task for one minute a day so that, little by little, you can go adding time to said activity. The father of this theory is the consultant and theologian Masaaki-Imaialso known as ‘Lean Guru’ who has applied this method not only to order, but also to business success.

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Basic rules of the Kaizen Method

Before starting with this system of constant improvement, it is convenient to be clear about several fundamental rules that will lead us to success:

– Not find excuses.

– Do not pursue perfection, it is more important immediacy.

– The difficulties awaken wisdom.

– Find the Causes and the solutions.

– Correct the mistakes.

– Ask help To several people.

Start by branding yourself an achievable goalbut remember that during this minute you have to take into account each and every one of the phases of the process so that it is more efficient and of quality.

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The five steps of the Kaizen Method

Like other ‘agile’ methodologies, when Imai develops the Kaizen method he also uses the famous division Of The 5s, which takes its name from the words seire, seito, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke:

• First phase: Series

The accumulation of things that we do not use is often the basis of the disorder in our home. That is why this is the first phase, which is based on remove the unnecessary.

• Second phase: Seiton

Once you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t need, you can start tidy. This phase is based on the old saying: “Everything in its place and a place for everything. If everything has its place, when you go looking for something you will find it quickly and you will not waste time searching.

• Third phase: Seiso

When everything is sorted, you can start with the cleaning. At first, this step will take more time, but if you apply the method on a daily basis, you will see how it becomes easier and easier. The Kaizen method recommends at this point to avoid dirt as much as possible by following regular cleaning habits to keep your house clean on a daily basis.

• Fourth phase: Seiketsu

Seiketsu means standardize. This simply means that all these steps above have to become a daily routine. You should be able to internalize this process to make it a habit, a part of your daily life.

• Fifth phase: Shitsuke

The last phase of the method is discipline. Be disciplined with all the steps and you will never have to worry about the order and cleanliness of your house. As you eliminate everything you don’t need and all the things in your home have their space, the daily routine will become shorter over time and it will be easier for you.

We start with one minute because, by starting with such a low level of self-demand, it will be easier to reach constancy What do you need to continue the task? Once you have overcome this challenge, you can increase the time to three minutes, and so on until you manage to have your house completely tidy.

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