Jump rope, the children’s game that burns more calories than running

You know what stay in shape it is good, not only to shape your body, but to be healthy, inside and out. But you have little time and you can’t decide among the multitude of exercises that you could do. Do you bet on running, like Amelia Bono does? Something more fun like dance? Or do you prefer walk that, although it may not seem like it, can help you eliminate belly fat? Today we are going to talk to you about another exercise that you can do at home and with which you can burn twice as many calories as running: jump rope.

When you think of skipping rope, your mind goes to those afternoons in the park with your friends, between chocolate sandwiches and games, but this exercise, if done correctly, is a good method to burn fat and keep all your muscles working. It is one of the most complete cardiovascular exercises, since when we jump rope we improve our endurance, we increase the coordination, we develop the speed, we tone ABS, we burn fat and we say goodbye stress. The rope generates a high energy expenditure, so it is great for losing weight. And it is that in each jump practically all the muscles of the body intervene: legs, pecs, shoulders, back, abdomen, buttocks and arms. So much so that 10 minutes of rope jumping is usually equated to about 30 minutes of continuous jogging.

How to start

If you do not have any injury or pathology that prevents it, the ideal would be to start with 10 minutes a day, which can be equated with about 30 minutes of continuous jogging. If you are a beginner you can do those 10 minutes in series of 2, resting one minute between each series. And if you dare, in that minute you can perform other exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, or squats.

What you have to keep in mind is that the rope does not work miracles and you must be constant to get results. Fat loss is only achieved with an energy deficit, that is, spending more calories than you consume, so you may not notice a difference at first.

How to do it correctly

To jump rope correctly you must coordinate two movements: jumping and twisting the rope with the wrists, all with the same frequency. The important thing is not the height of the jump, which can be 5 or 10 centimeters, but the coordination between both movements.

With the look forward and the back straight to avoid injuries, perform the twist of the rope with the dolls, not with the arms, which should be close to the body up to the elbows. Follow a steady pace and slightly bend your knees to cushion the impact.

Benefits of skipping rope

1. Helps you lose weight

According to a study by Whats Cooking America, some 13 calories per minute when we jump rope at 120 revolutions per minute. That is, jumping rope 10 minutes a day at a low pace would help you burn a few 130 calories. As we’ve said before, weight loss has more to do with eat fewer calories than we consume, so if you increase your calorie intake by increasing physical effort, you will not lose weight.

2. Increase your stamina

The jump rope is one of the most powerful cardiovascular exercises: it improves circulation, it’s good for him heart and increase your lung capacity and, therefore, you endurance allowing you to better resist continued efforts. At first, 10 minutes may be a world, but little by little you can increase the time you spend exercising or do it all the time, without breaks.

3. Improves coordination and balance

We have already explained that the key to jump rope is the coordination of the jump of the legs with the movement of the wrists when rotating the rope. At first the rope may get tangled with your feet more times than you are willing to admit, but little by little you will start to win. speed and you can even dare to do combination jumps.

4. Involves a large part of the body’s muscles

Jump rope is a very entertaining means of exercising so much the upper body as well as the lower one. The core muscles of your body, abdominal and lower back are fully involved, especially in jumps that require more technique. You will work especially, the upper part, chest, shoulders and arms, with routines that involve, for example, cross or double jumps.

5. Eliminate stress

The exercise we do when we jump, frees endorphins that relieves our stress and relaxes us. Haven’t you noticed that when you finish exercising, you feel lighter, better, and even happier? With such an exercise explosive as the rope, these sensations multiply.

6. It is suitable for everyone

This exercise can be done whether you are a seasoned athlete or if you have just started since requires very little material and experience Although it is true that, to do it correctly, it requires technical and coordinative learning.

As they would say, jumping rope is a good, beautiful and cheap exercise and you see that you don’t have to invest too much time to get results. Who does not have 10 minutes up to date?

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