Jogging: what it is, how to practice it and benefits

The jogging or trot is an exercise used as a warm-up method by athletes and high-level competitors. It is also usually practiced as an introduction for those who are starting in the world of sports and physical activity.

The objective of jogging is jogging at a slow pace for a considerable distance or a set time. The same cadence must always be maintained. This means that it is essential not to increase or decrease the intensity during the session, without exceeding 70% of the maximum beats per minute.

How do you jog?

As we already mentioned, the key is to maintain the same level of intensity during the activity and prepare to travel considerable distances. Those who are just starting out with this method can start with a routine of 30 minutes a day and at a low intensity.

To practice the jogging Will is required, have a medical check-up to rule out contraindications or possible affectations and use suitable footwear. Before and after it is necessary to warm up, as well as hydrate to maintain electrolyte balance and prevent muscle function from being destabilized.

As for the execution of the exercise itself, you need to be aware of braising, that is, that the movement of the arms is in accordance with the speed of the feet. Keep your back straight, but not tense; look straight ahead, inhalations through the nose and exhalations through the mouth.

Jogging has an impact on mental and physical health, so its benefits are extensive.

What are the benefits of this practice?

In addition to improving our physical condition, the practice of jogging has physical and mental benefits that impact on the integral health of people. To motivate you and start a change in your life, we will tell you more.

Promotes weight loss

When the goal is to lose weight, the variety of methods and exercises is wide. The joggingIn particular, it helps improve physical fitness, tests our endurance capacity, prepares us for more demanding exercises and reduces body weight.

However, one study showed that the greater the intensity of the exercise, the greater the weight loss. Therefore, it can be normal that after a long time practicing jogging, the stall slows down.

Therefore, if your main objective when starting in the jogging is to lose weight, it is ideal that, after completing the physical conditioning stage, you start running.

Improves respiratory capacity

Jogging at a low intensity for a long time will strain the lungs and heart to distribute oxygen throughout the body, strengthening the respiratory muscles. Therefore, as you improve on this practice you will see that the oxygen uptake increases, providing you with more energy.

Activates blood circulation

When the blood circulates correctly, oxygen and essential nutrients reach our cells. Waste is also removed. To practice jogging It helps us to maintain active circulation.

In fact, it has been shown that the practice of aerobic exercises, such as jogging, promote the formation of new coronary vessels and improves cardiovascular function in healthy people. Also, with limitations, it is useful in those who have had heart attacks.

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Avoid insulin resistance

When the cells of our body do not properly synthesize insulin or the hormone does not have a full effect on cell receptors, we speak of diabetes, prediabetes or metabolic syndrome.

The latter is a condition that can be reversed with medical help and with the practice of jogging. This was pointed out by a study in which it was determined that Jogging or running frequently prevents resistance to this hormone.

Improves flexibility of the spine

Research has shown that jogging and running help maintain flexibility in the spine, even in old age. According to the results, this is because this type of exercise keeps the vertebrae hydrated, increasing the levels of glycosaminoglycan in the discs, which acts as a kind of lubricant.

Helps keep depression under control

Depression is a disease that must be cared for by professionals and to which a lot of attention must be paid. The practice of exercises like jogging it is ideal to control it. According to information from the Mayo Clinic, sport releases endorphins, chemicals that the brain produces to make us feel good, calm and happy.

In addition, when practiced at low or moderate intensity it does not overload the body and, at the end of the routine, we will feel well-being. In fact, we will have energy and desire to do other activities.

Protects from stress

Stress is caused by physical or mental tension and doing exercises such as jogging can reduce it, as well as prevent it from wreaking havoc on the body. This was determined by a study that suggests that this type of practice protect the brain, not only from the impact of stress, but from aging.

States of stress can benefit from sports practice.

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At what time of the day is it appropriate to jog?

The right time is the one that fits your lifestyle, occupations and personal interests. There are people who enjoy sports in the morning, before starting their work, because they consider that this is how they remain energetic during the day.

Others consider that it is better to do it at night, thus avoiding the impact of the sun's rays and can dedicate more time and concentration to it. Although, looking back to science, we found that some studies found that exercising in the morning adjusts the circadian rhythm, which in turn makes it easier for people to fall asleep at night.

Do you dare to jog?

In this article we explain what the jogging and how you can practice it to get its physical and emotional benefits. So you already have accurate information to make the decision to start your practice and turn your life around. Well-being will be the surest goal to achieve.