Jobs in which to earn a lot of money (and throughout a lifetime)

Who wouldn't want to work on something he knows that will be well paid for a lifetime? There are jobs that guarantee good salaries and whose economic expectations do not stop growing, highly demanded jobs and in which unemployment does not exist. The CNBC has collected data from the United States Agency for Labor Statistics to prepare the ranking of the ten jobs in which demand will increase the most this year.

1. Anesthesiologist. He is a character who plays a fundamental role in an operating room, since he has to manage the patient's vital functions, including breathing, heart rate and blood pressure, while being anesthetized. His annual salary is around $ 265,000 and it is estimated that 15 percent more new professionals will be needed in the future.

2. Surgeon. The older the population, the more work the medical sector will have and, there, the surgeons are among the best paid for the difficulty of their discipline. Your annual salary is estimated over $ 250,000 and the search for new professionals will increase in the coming years at a rate of 14 percent.

Doctors take the list

3. Obstetricians and gynecologists. More doctors to complete the podium of the most demanded and highest paid jobs of the moment. Pregnancy, childbirth and female physiology specialists have an average salary of $ 235,000 and its demand in the coming years will not stop growing at around 16 percent.

All these professionals earn more than $ 150,000 a year and in their sectors there will be a minimum growth of 10 percent soon

4. Psychiatrist. They earn more than $ 215,000 annual and in the next few years more than 10 percent of these professionals will be needed. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating mental illnesses using medications and various clinical methods.

5. Orthodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Rare is the family in which, currently, some of its members do not use a device for teeth, so orthodontists are increasingly in demand. The same goes for oral and maxillofacial surgeons, such as those who eliminate the wisdom teeth: their salary is around $ 210,000 and in the next few years it will take almost 20 percent more workers.

6. Internist. They are the doctors who diagnose health problems that attack internal organs such as the liver, stomach or kidneys and help us with treatment. His salary in the United States is almost $ 200,000 a year on average and soon another 15 percent of these specialists will be needed.

Healthcare professionals

7. Pediatrician. Although the birth of children has slowed in developed countries, the number of pediatricians is not enough and it will take 15 percent more of these doctors specialized in the smallest of the house in the coming years. Its middle ground is almost $ 190,000.

8. Prosthodontist. This is the dentist specializing in dental prosthesis treatments that is responsible for placing the crown on the implants, making bridges, dentures, etc. It is a job that will grow almost 20 percent in the near future and whose salary is around $ 185,000 annual

9. Nurse anesthetist. It is a professional who can work inside the operating room, next to the anesthesiologist, or outside it, in the resuscitation room, chronic pain unit, etc. A specialization within the field of nursing that reports a very interesting salary: some $ 165,000 annual And in the future, 16 percent more professionals will be needed.

The aging of the population causes the medical sector to fill the most demanded positions

10. Dentist. One of the professionals we least like to visit, because of the terror they cause with their devices, but which are increasingly in demand, partly because of the aging population. His salary exceeds $ 150,000 annual and demand in this sector will increase by 19 percent by 2026.