Jewels to lose weight: have you ever heard of them?

It is not a recent trend, but due to the growth of new digital sales spaces they have increased their presence on the Internet. The Power Balance effect is elongated and even ten years later If it was proven that carrying it had no beneficial effect on health (and that even the company was convicted of fraud), jewels continue to be sold that follow its miraculous precepts.


Now you can find, not only bracelets, but also earrings and rings (both for the hand and for the toes) in online stores like Amazon or Aliexpress even through Groupon. They have a very varied price range, and there are even matching to be able to make you with a very cute and slimming set! (read with irony)

Although we all know that the best (and healthiest) way to lose weight is by controlling the diet and exercising, these jewels promise so many things that it is almost impossible to resist – "the fast track." The benefits they claim to have are improve blood flow and increase its oxygen carrying capacity, help release the pain of your joints and muscles, help you fall asleep and, of course, how not, also lose weight. It is surprising how varied and extensive "the powers" of these products should be, almost like the ring of The Lord of the Rings, whose slogan was "one to control them all".

Power balance energy Balance band bracelet.

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But none of these benefits has been scientifically proven. As he explains the biologist and dietitian-nutritionist Juan Revenga in his blunt article "The slimming jewelry box of Norman Bates' mother", these articles use words pseudoscientific and based on alternative therapies such as reflexology, the power of magnets, energy points, acupressure or bio-magnetism to try to convince the buyer of its multiple benefits.

They use these terms to mislead the user who believes they are acquiring science-based elements. But all these products lack scientific studies that support their benefits and it is impossible to find a reliable, proven and official source to support them. So remember that the maximum to buy any jewel we want to wear will be that we like it and not that it sells us heaven.

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