Japanese one-minute technique to rejuvenate the area around the eyes

As the age advances, the eyebrows and upper eyelids fall, the outer corners of the eyes they come down, they appear fine wrinkles, and also some deep, or that they seem it by the swelling.

Japanese women practice shiatsu massage actively in his face, and his main difference with respect to others is that his only movements consist in pressing certain points in particular. This massage is based on knowledge of anatomy and the secrets of Tibetan medicine.

How does it work? By pressing these points on the face, help blood and lymph circulate better, and metabolic processes of tissues are produced much faster and effectively. Thus begins a natural process of body renewal.

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Is Asian technique helps rejuvenate the area around the eyes. Is this the secret of his beauty and youth?

With the help of this facial massage the muscles are strengthened, wrinkles are smoothed, due to the stimulation of the accelerated production of collagen and elastin, the elasticity increases and the sebum production of the skin is normalized.

Apply pressure at the following points with medium intensity until you feel only a slight discomfort.

1. We raise our eyebrows

Action: in the internal and external ends and in the center of the eyebrows.

Put the index, middle and middle fingers at the indicated points and press. So that the eyebrows "return to their place", direct the pressure movement on the tips of the and slightly upwards.

Time: 7 seconds

2. We remove the crow's feet

Action: in the outer corners of the eyes.

Place the index fingers on the points indicated in the image. Heat the area a little, press and release. You can push the muscles slightly towards the temples, without lifting the fingers. Keep in mind that you do not have to stretch the skin, but the muscle.

Time: 3 seconds.

Repetition: 3 times.

3. We eliminate the swelling

Action: in the inner corner of the eyes, between the eye and the nose.

Place the index fingers on the points and push strictly perpendicular, without stretching or moving the skin. You can form a kind of fork with the middle and index fingers and press the inner and outer corners of the eyes at the same time.

Time: 3 seconds.

Repetition: 3 times.

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4. We eliminate the wrinkles of the bridge of the nose

Action: between the eyebrows, the zone of the "third eye".

Firmly join the index, middle and ring fingers, and press the three points between the eyebrows with the yolks.

Time: from 5 to 7 seconds.

Repetition: 2 times.

5. We rejuvenate the skin under the eyes

Action: in the bone under the eyes.

Place the index, middle and ring fingers at the points indicated and press.

Time: 10 seconds.

Repetition: 2 times.

This system can be carried out separately or by studying and performing the full facial massage according to the shiatsu technique. It will also make any other massage or facial gym more effective.

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