Japanese doctor reveals tips that will change your life

A Japanese doctor who lived 105 years related what are the most useful recommendations to have a long and healthy life. Get to know them!

Last update: December 10, 2021

One of the most anticipated wishes of people is to be able to live a great number of years. Also, next to it, they want to be able to reach old age while conserving energy and a great state of health.

For that reason, when a person manages to live more than 100 years everyone rejoices and wants to find out the secret. This was the case with Shigeaki Hinohara, a Japanese doctor who preserved his life until he was 105 years old.

Best of all, at that advanced age she still had an active routine. For this reason, for much of his career he was encouraged to reveal the advice that was working for him.

He managed to write around 150 texts in which he told the population how to have a long and healthy life. Here we share some of the most important suggestions that you can take into account.

1. Lead to a healthy routine

Dr. Shigeaki stated that the most fundamental thing is to eat a balanced diet, because that way the necessary nutrients are obtained and the optimal functioning of the organism is taken care of. In addition to this, good nutrition is essential to avoid excesses that cause obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Similarly, the specialist stated that it is vital to have continuous movement. Well, physical activity allows the body to remain strong and well cared for.

2. Avoid stress

Worries affect the quality of life, they drain a person’s energy and stagnate their motivations. That way, it is important to learn to manage them to take care of emotional well-being and prevent any mental illness.

In addition, stress causes fatigue that causes the person to get sick. Because of this, people must strive to maintain a good attitude to be healthy.

3. Plan life

Planning allows for a more orderly life and the person to find the best way to achieve their goals. In that way prevents the distress that causes depression and leads to medical complications.

4. Enjoy at all times

Taking advantage of every second of life is the key to staying motivated and achieve happiness. Thus, mental health is taken care of and the person finds more and more plans that allow him to be active.

5. Walk a lot

This exercise allows the person to exercise their muscles, strengthen them and prevent their bones from being weak in the future. In that way when you reach old age you will be much less susceptible to injury and chronic ailments that affect the quality of life.

6. Know your body

Being aware of all the signals that the body sends is the best mechanism to alert in time any irregularities. This is how you can quickly go to the doctor to start the necessary treatment, incorporate the appropriate habits and improve your health very soon.

7. Have role models

This alternative is the one that allows you to share enriching points of view. Therefore, there is the possibility of looking at the healthy habits that give results to others and adapting them to improve the quality of life more and more.

Final reflection

Apart from all these recommendations, it is vital to keep in mind that one of the most recommended factors is to avoid having a sedentary life. That way, the body is prevented from becoming weak and more prone to developing chronic diseases.

In addition to this, it is essential to rest well. In this way, all energies are recovered, the person feels renewed, the brain remains healthy and physical health is preserved in the best conditions.

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