Jamie Oliver: the chef who seeks to change the diet of the entire world

Since 2003 Jamie Oliver has been trying to save many lives in his own way. Without being a doctor, but a chef, he tries to raise awareness in the world with information about the food we eat.

For example, in 2010, he had a famous TED talk, in which he mentioned, among other things, that in the 18 minutes of his exposure, four Americans would die of obesity-related problems.

The problem within families

Families have lost the habit of cooking. It is no longer mothers and grandmothers who cook. Before, they prepared delicious homemade and healthy meals for everyone. But today it is not like that.

For three generations, it has not been customary to cook at home. Now it's all fast food bought out. This is taking its toll: more disease and premature death. In fact, Oliver says that the children of this generation will die 10 years earlier than expected.

Before a crowded attendance at one of his talks, he showed a video that he filmed when visiting a school. When he showed a tomato to 5-year-old children, no one could identify what it was. Children do not know vegetables, vegetables and fruits! This is happening in American homes, says the chef.

Oliver says that there are entire families whose life expectancy has dropped so low that they are practically killing themselves. An obese mother with two children acknowledged to him that this was precisely what she did to her family with the way she fed them. Her 12-year-old son weighs 160 kg and her three-year-old girl is obese.

What happens in schools

But this is not happening only in homes. Schools are doing the same. The two meals children eat in schools are also packed with fats, carbohydrates, and sugar.

Not even milk has escaped this: now they add dyes and so much sugar that a child at the age of five has already consumed a full wheelbarrow of sugar. Alarming, right?

Jamie Oliver's wish

Now, the chef urges families to cook back at home with locally grown produce. And ask schools to do the same. It also seeks to include in school classes programs that teach children from primary school to cook in a nutritious and healthy way.

The goal of each school should be that every child who leaves elementary or high school knows how to cook at least 10 healthy food recipes. With his Food Revolution, Jamie Oliver hopes to achieve change and save many lives.

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