"It's easy to quit smoking if you know how": the book to get rid of smoking

The day Allen Carr decided to quit, he also started writing his book: It's easy to quit if you know how. Since he was a teenager he was a heavy smoker. On one occasion, he smoked 100 cigarettes in a single day. Being close to turning 50 he attended a certain hypnosis session encouraged by his wife. At the end of the two-hour session, he made the decision to quit smoking forever.

About the Author

Allen Carr was born in London in September 1934 and died in Spain in November 2006. He was a writer of self-help books highlighting his original methods which he based on his own experience with tobacco. In addition, he completed his experience with the trials on how to quit smoking, carried out at the clinic he founded in London in 1984.

About the Book It's easy to quit smoking if you know how

Allen Carr's book, "It's Easy to Quit If You Know How" has been published in more than 25 languages ​​and nearly 10 million copies have been distributed. In fact, help centers have been formed in some countries to stop smoking based on the content of your book. This compiles the data of his famous easyway method – easy way – to quit smoking.

Allen Carr's easyway method has become the world's most effective way to quit tobacco addiction.

The 2 main reasons for failure

In this book Allen Carr talks about the reasons that make a person fail in their attempts to quit smoking. He says these reasons are:

one.- When instructions are not strictly followed, such as reducing consumption in the course of treatment. In this sense, he affirms that in reality who stops smoking is because their way of seeing vice has changed. In fact, those who question the connotations that vice has for itself and how society sees it, quit smoking.

In this book Allen narrates the experience of someone who leaves a social gathering to go out and smoke a cigarette avidly. Since you are prohibited from smoking indoors, you endure a freezing snowstorm while smoking alone on the porch. This perhaps was his own experience.

2.- The second reason the author points out is that everything that is done must be understood from the point of personal and social benefits that the person acquires. For example, you should ask yourself certain questions such as: Do I get personal, social, and economic benefits from smoking?

If you smoke and want to quit, this book will undoubtedly interest you:

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