It is possible that you have the biggest head because of the use of the mobile

It is more than proven that the skeleton is not a fixed structure, if not that over the years it has been modified according to the needs that the human being has had. Smaller jaws and teeth or finer hands are some of the most obvious changes. Well, the use of the mobile phone has caused that, in addition to our life being shortened, that part of our skull is significantly larger.

The new technologies They are undoubtedly a before and after in society and form an essential part of our day to day. We could consider the mobile almost as an extension of our body and the effects of spending so many hours watching the screen They have caused visible changes in our head.

A researcher of the Shunshine Coast University in Australia it has been the one who has notified these remarkable changes after analyzing more than a thousand x-rays of skulls of people between 18 and 86 years old. Apparently the back of the skull, just above the neck, is suffering a boss that you can learn to touch it and even that it is visible in people who do not have hair in that area.

The curved portura of our neck that we adapt when looking at the mobile downwards is the one that has caused this change.


The reason? The continuous and not moderate use of the mobile, something that the result of the study confirms: the bulge was much more common in the group between 18 and 30 years. The position that we adapt to look down is what causes this change and the so-called "text collar". The researcher believes that the protuberance is formed because the curved posture creates extra pressure where the muscles of the neck join the skull. And the body responds by creating a new layer of bone, which helps the skull to face this extra pressure and to distribute the weight.

The professionals affirm that this bony protrusion will continue to grow and enlarging if we do not change it. Therefore they recommend our position better when we use the mobile phone in case of noticing some discomfort.

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