It is healthier to have breakfast than a bowl of cereal

We know you have been excited to read this headline. We also did it when we found that it was not a fantasy, but a reality. Chelsey Amer, a dietitian and nutritionist famous in social networks for her healthy recipes and advice on eating, He was the architect of this statement: eating pizza is healthier than eating cereals. "A slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with milk have about the same calories," said the expert. "However, the pizza is richer in proteins, provides more energy and gives us a more satiating feeling throughout the morning."


It's all a matter of looking at the ingredients

The expert admits that breakfast pizza is not the healthiest option among all the possibilities that exist. But with this statement has tried to raise awareness on the importance of looking at the ingredients of the products we buy: We believe that cereals are usually healthy, but most of those found in supermarkets are not. "They usually have very high amounts of added sugar," Amer explains. "So its nutritional value is generally low."

The trick is knowing how to choose: if we opt for cereals made with 100% whole grain sugar free flour, so they are a good option thanks to the fiber they give us. If we also mix them with semi-skimmed milk or a vegetable drink, and add fruit, we will result in a healthy breakfast.


The same goes for pizza: not all are worth it. To make it a good option, its dough should be made with whole wheat flour. I would also have to bring quality cheese (milk, salt, lactic ferments and rennet), vegetables or lean meats, such as chicken or turkey.

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