Isabel Preysler has a favorite green detox shake that rejuvenates (and if you take it every morning, there will be a reason …)

If we had to give our life a title right now, it would be this, "Objective: perfect skin". Between the mask, the heat and the various external agents that destroy our skin, it seems that it is impossible to show off perfect skin lately. There is no cream that fixes rosacea, serum that takes away that lack of light from the face, or anti-wrinkle burns that get rid of those little wrinkles that begin to appear at a certain age.

Since we know that beautiful skin is not only achieved with good cosmetics, but it is worked from within, (at least the neuropath of Penelope Cruz assures us so) we have set to work and made some discoveries. The first, maybe the solution to all our problems is in a detox smoothie full of superfoods. And the second, Isabel Preysler drink a shake every morning on an empty stomach that is not only purifying for the body, but also helps to achieve a smooth, smooth and rejuvenated skin if you take it every day. How have we discovered it? Through a friend (this is how the great secrets that really work are known) who swears and perjures that since Isabel confessed her magical concoction in 'El Hormiguero', she takes it every day and has porcelain skin.

Which ones are your ingredientes?

It is a very simple combination of vegetables and greens that you just have to put in the mixer at full power and … voilà! The secret to eternal youth in a glass. You will need to:

-3 pieces of broccoli

-2 kale leaves

-2 cups of spinach

-3 slices of zucchini about 5 mm thick

-3 cucumber slices about 5 mm thick

-5 slices of green pepper about 5 mm thick

-1 quart of green apple

-The juice of 4 limes

-125 ml of water

And now … in the mixer for a few minutes until you get the desired consistency. If it becomes too thick and acidic, you can add more water. It is best not to sweeten the mixture and take it as soon as possible so that the ingredients do not oxidize and its benefits remain intact. Cucumber and lemon work as duretic and purifying foods, while the rest of the ingredients make up a cocktail of vitamins above all from group C (the pepper contains the dobe than a table orange) and group A, thanks to the beta -carotenes present in broccoli. On the other hand, zucchini fights acne and removes toxins from the skin, spinach provides iron, and kale is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Without a doubt, it is a super complete smoothie that will help you show off perfect skin this summer.

We are already listing the ingredients on the shopping list.

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