Is Ylang-Ylang oil the ultimate solution for anxiety?

Ylang-Ylang oil. Its mere pronunciation already becomes difficult. If it is so complicated to write (we no longer enter the debate of incorporating it into a logical phrase), it is because of its origin. For the laggards, see us, the good news comes when we discover that it also receives another name: cananga flower. Not only has he fallen in love because he promises to get rid of our anxiety, but because he has many more properties.

And we have studied them one by one.

One of our purposes for the new year is get rid of anxiety. Far from being normal, the key is to come to understand that it is not a natural and good response from the body. It is not normal to have anxiety, much less every day. If you live the frantic life of the city, this story will sound to you, even if in broad strokes. Why any natural remedy To help us with this purpose is welcome.

The first thing we need to do is incorporate a humidifier into our life. No, this oil is not massaged or consumed, but is introduced into this machine and that's it. Magic essential oil.

What has made it fashionable? It is one of the most searched terms in Pinterest of the last months due to their sedative properties

This oil is extracted from a tree with the same name and has traditionally been used to treat various diseases such as asthma or food indigestion. If used in aromatherapyIt helps with depression and anxiety thanks to its benefits to relax the body, so in small doses, it can be the perfect ally to help us face this problem.

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