Is the sweetener healthy?

Since the healthy life and being healthy and fit has become fashionable, sugar has become the number 1 enemy of the balanced diet and the cfibrous bodies. Nutritionists have explained the health problems caused by excessive sugar consumption and while some recommend abandoning them altogether, others suggest that you should not consume more than Seven tablespoons a day.

If we consider that a single can of soda It contains more sugar than 7 tablespoons. We can deduce that meeting that maximum is quite difficult.

And this has been one of the reasons why artificial sweeteners have gained more adherents, in recent years.

But are these chemicals really healthier than sugar? Today we explain it to you.

Do youWhat are sweeteners??

There are many different types of sweeteners and all aim to fulfill the same function: sweeten but with fewer calories than sugar.

Some like the saccharin, sucralose, acesulfame K and the aspartame They are intensely sweet in small doses, which makes them ideal for use in low-calorie sodas and sugar-free gum.

Others like him sorbitol and xylitol They are more bulky, like real sugar, so they are useful as a replacement in confectionery products.

Do youI should consume them?

If you ask an expert, most will tell you that taking them or not should be a "personal choice."

But if you do not suffer from any disease and your sugar consumption is quite limited, it is more difficult to determine if exchanging sugar for a sweetener is really healthy.


Do youBeing artificial does not make them unhealthy?

Many are synthetic, but some sweeteners They can be made of natural substances. For example, the stevia It is made from the leaves of a plant.

On the other hand, we must clarify whate 'synthetic' does not mean 'unhealthy'.

In many countries there are laws that stipulate that food and beverages must be clearly labeled and should be clarified on the packaging if they contain sweeteners (and what kind) so that consumers can choose when they buy with all the information at their fingertips.

Do youSwitching to sweeteners will make me lose weight?

Reducing the calories you get from sugar can help you lose weight.

However, how much weight you will lose will depend on your overall diet and how much exercise you do, as well as on your genetic makeup and your metabolism

Dr. Stacey Lockyer of the British Nutrition Foundation says she changes to food and artificially sweetened beverages It could help some people who diet.

"There are studies that show both short and long term that people who eat dietary foodsthey eat less calories and tend to lose weight. "

"If we talk about drinks, for example, running water is the best, but some people may find it difficult to switch from sugary drinks to water," he says.

Do youThey are a risk?

The Artificial sweeteners They are closely regulated and have passed the necessary verifications for use in food.

Manufacturers must provide evidence to prove that their sweetener:

It does not cause any adverse effects, including Cancer.

It does not affect reproduction.

It is not stored inside the body or metabolized in other potentially harmful products.

It does not cause allergic reactions.

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