Is soy sauce healthy? Yes, but only if you know how to choose it

This seasoning that we have adopted in Spain as a result of trying dishes such as sushi or other Japanese delicacies, really It has its origin in Chinese cuisine, country where it appeared more than seven centuries ago. And today it is not only a key ingredient in oriental dishes, it is also in ours, where we have adopted it as a dressing. But is soy sauce healthy? It is one of the questions that surely you have ever asked yourself, especially if you have ended up developing a small addiction to it, something that we understand perfectly, since it is one of the few products that contains the four basic qualities of flavor: it is salty, sweet , bitter and acidic at the same time.


As well, The answer to the question of whether soy is healthy or not depends on whether we know how to choose it.. To start, you have to know that this sauce is made only with four ingredients: soy beans, wheat, salt and water. Its manufacture is not exactly fast, since it first needs four to five days until soybeans and wheat ferment, and then, it should be allowed to stand with water and salt for more than a year.

You may have wondered when you go to the supermarket to buy why there are more expensive soy sauces than others, right? Those that have a higher price are usually precisely those that are healthy, those that only contain the four previous ingredients on their label and have followed the appropriate fermentation process. The others, in general, are sauces to which additives such as sugar or monosodium glutamate have been added to accelerate the process, reduce production costs and try to imitate the taste of the original. That is to say: they are ultraprocessed soy sauces.


Given that the different prices between the two are between two or three euros, it is worth investing in a good soy sauce. It is healthy? Yes, soybean contains a high protein value, therefore, it can be a good complement in vegetarian diets. However, we must also bear in mind that the amount of salt is high, so we shouldn't abuse her. Even so, if we reduce the use of salt in the kitchen (a dish that contains soy sauce does not need us to add more salt), experts agree that there is no problem in taking a small daily amount.

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