Is it wrong to drink a glass of water from the night before?

You know what they say: we are 75% water. In addition, many studies claim that drinking a glass of that precious transparent liquid is very important for the proper functioning of our body. Therefore, apart from the two or three liters a day that the World Health Organization recommends to stay hydrated (about eight glasses) the most important drink is the one you give as soon as you get up, since it helps the body to activate itself and improves metabolic and digestive function.

The normal thing, therefore, is that while you try to open your eyes glued by the legañas, take the glass that yesterday you took with you to your room in case you became thirsty at night. But, perhaps, when observing some small bubbles that have settled to the bottom Ask yourself this question: "Can I drink it or will it not be good for my health? And wait a minute, did I bring this glass last night or have you been here even longer?"

The answer is simple: drinking water from a glass that has been on the table for hours is not the healthiest thing in the world. The problem is not the little bubbles, since they appear because the water changes its temperature and tends to equalize the one in the environment, causing a loss of gases and a slight change in its flavor. The drawbacks to drinking it, therefore, come from the fact that the container is open, since all specks of dust, debris and even a mosquito may have fallen into it during the night. That does not mean that if instead of a glass we talk about a closed deposit, it no longer represents any danger, our skin is covered in sweat, dust, skin cells and even a runny nose, so once we put the bottle in the mouth we are in good part, polluting it.

Dust specks, debris and even a mosquito may have fallen into the glass, which is open.

"Our saliva contains and transports bacteria"Dr Marc Leavey points out in 'Reader Digest'," if left to incubate for hours, they could contaminate the water and when you drink it again you will get sick. My suggestion is that once you've put your lips to the bottle, drink all of its contents and then throw it away without recycling it. "Since that seems perhaps a little extreme, we understand that it's better to drink sooner than later, but if you wake up with very thirsty and you have the glass of the night before hand, could you really get sick?

Realistically, it is unlikely that you sick with your own bacteria. At the end of the day, you will have reused water bottles and glasses on many occasions during your life. What Leavey warns is that it is not advisable to share your bottle with another person and not to use a past water if your immune system is not in its best condition, either because you are having a chemotherapy treatmentYou have had a transplant and you have an immunodeficient disease.

If you leave a bottle you've already drunk in the car, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if exposed to sunlight

In conclusion, if you get up in the morning and want to hydrate yourself, although nothing has to happen, the healthiest thing is that you discard the water from last night and choose to have a new glass. Likewise, if you leave a bottle somewhere (for example, your car), keep in mind that being exposed to sunlight and having previously passed through your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Another option is that, instead of directly depositing the bottle on your lips, always pour the content into a glass to avoid contaminating it. After all, dehydration is a very serious problem and we do not always realize that we are experiencing it. The clearest signs are cramps, dizziness or lightheadedness, and decreased frequency of urine.