Is it safe to drink ice water after intense exercise?

The first thing most people think about after doing sports or some high intensity activity is to drink water. The colder, the better. However, an unfortunate fact has generated a debate around this topic: is it safe to drink ice water after exercising?

The event that generated so much commotion and that drew attention to a topic that is not usually addressed was the death of a 27-year-old Peruvian boy, caused by drinking ice water after playing sports.

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Ludwin Flores Nole, a family father and amateur player of the Los Rangers Club, played a football game with his friends from the Jesús María sector in the province of Sullana. According to his wife, he came home after practicing sports and went to the refrigerator to have a glass of cold water. Immediately he began to feel bad.

They quickly took him to the clinic, but Ludwin died on the way. "The doctor told us that he had suffered a fulminating cardiac arrest because he took too cold water while the body was hot", Said his partner.

What Ludwin suffered is known as digestion cut and it is not common to drink ice water. When the liquid at low temperature came into contact with the hot body of the young man, it caused a cardiovascular reflex of nervous cause that led to a disturbance of the heart rhythm.

The practice of sports can cause the loss of two to four liters of water per hour. It is very common to swell after drinking after training, and that's why the specialists recommend moderate amounts are taken and at room temperature.

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"All players drink cold water and nothing happens to them. Cold can cause a coronary spasm, but It is very rare. There are cases described but it is very rare", Indicated the cardiologist and doctor of the first division of the Athletic Club Atlanta of Argentina, Norberto Debbag, in dialogue with the newspaper Profile.

The cardiologist explained that when the cold water goes down the esophagus, if it is in some way in contact with the heart or if a coronary artery is stuck, the cold can cause a spasm or vasoconstriction of the artery, which can lead to a heart attack or reduce the heart rate.

Further, the more water is taken and the greater the person, the greater the chances of suffering an incident. He said that taking cold water after exercise is not dangerous, since it is not usual for this outcome to happen in this way, especially in young people.

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