Is it possible to lose weight if you don't like vegetables?

Exists. There are people who are not precisely fans of the fruit and vegetables. Although these two food groups have many followers, there is a large percentage of the population that has not fallen to its flavor. And when it touches slim downForgetting them can be very complicated.

Although your list of "favorite fruits and vegetables" there are few names, do not suffer: because at the time of weight loss there are other foods that can help you. It is not recommended because supplementing the nutrients that these foods provide is quite complicated, but not impossible. Yes, abuse the fruits and vegetables you like.

Surely you are not able to say no to a slice of watermelon in summer or a good gazpacho. If this is not the case, try some strawberries or mushrooms hidden among ingredients that you enjoy 100%. Do you know what technique is good for incorporating vegetables without realizing it? Do it in a fun way. An example of this is hiding eggplant in tiny pieces when making the Bolognese. You will almost not notice it and you will be able to enjoy a pasta dish with extra nutrients (yes, spelled and with natural tomato).


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What foods can replace fruit and vegetables?


It is essential in any diet and a perfect breakfast to escape the carbohydrates provided by bread. Not only can you take it as a choice of porridge with milk, but you can also make delicious pancakes with it.


Nuts are a source of energy that also provides multiple nutrients, healthy fats and vitamins. They are the perfect snack to replace the fruit. Hazelnuts or raw almonds are a great choice for everyday life.


They are rich in protein and a perfect accompaniment to the main dishes. Lentils, chickpeas … even if you are not on a diet you should incorporate them into your diet for their nutritional benefits. A snack? Hummus. You will not miss any ultraprocessed and the best thing is that you will lose weight.

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