Is it possible to combat premature ejaculation with home remedies?

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual disorder that affects men. According to statistics, 1 in 3 present it. Despite being a common disorder, its diagnosis can be complex, because the physical and psychological aspect of the person is involved.

Men who suffer from it have little control of ejaculation. An early orgasm is considered, before initiating the penetration or shortly after having finished the act. The person cannot delay it and it happens without wanting to.

There are medical treatments and supplements that may help you have more control. Therefore, they would improve sexual satisfaction. Find out if it is possible to combat premature ejaculation with home remedies.

Minerals that can help fight premature ejaculation

There are some minerals that, according to scientific studies, could help improve premature ejaculation.


An analysis concluded that the low presence of magnesium in men is a potential cause for them to suffer from premature ejaculation. Among the benefits of this mineral is not only helping the production of sperm, but also reduces muscle contractions during orgasm.

It is recommended to do a medical check-up to find out if the levels of magnesium in the body are adequate. Likewise, it would be good to consume the necessary amount in the daily diet.


Zinc deficiency in the male body could contribute to sexual dysfunction, as stated in a study published in the journal Nutrition. Among the properties of this mineral is that of promoting the production of testosterone.

Another study states that the daily consumption for men should be 11 milligrams. This could help improve ejaculation time. However, the same research cautions that consuming more than the recommended doses can cause stomach cramps, vomiting, and nausea.

Some of the foods that contain zinc and magnesium are soybeans, yogurt, spinach, oysters, pumpkin seeds, garlic, peas, almonds, beans, dark chocolate, and wheat germ cereal.

Yogurt, among several properties, is a source of zinc, so it could help to combat premature ejaculation.

Other minerals

There are other minerals that may have the potential to help decrease erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. For its part, an investigation states that certain elements contribute to the function of male fertility and sperm, among which are calcium, magnesium, copper and selenium.

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Plants and home remedies that can help combat premature ejaculation

On the other hand, there is scientific research that affirms that some plants and home remedies could help to have greater control of ejaculation. Among them are the following.

Chinese herbal medicine

According to an analysis published in Sexual Medicine, some Chinese medicinal herbs may have the potential to increase ejaculation time for at least two minutes. Tablets yimusake could improve sexual stamina and energy.

When ingesting these types of herbs, be aware that they can have side effects, such as stomach pain and dizziness.

Ayurvedic herbal medicine

The previous study also revealed that there was a little increased ejaculation time in men who used Ayurvedic herbs. According to the Indian tradition, it is believed that they can treat erectile dysfunction and even diabetes.

The Ayurvedic medicines that are most recommended to treat premature ejaculation are kamini vidrawan ras, kaunch beej Y yauvanamrit vati. Its possible side effects are stomach pain and dizziness.

Topical anesthetic creams

According to the same study, these creams could also increase the time to ejaculate by a few minutes, thanks to the fact that they contain anesthetic agents that reduce sensation and delay orgasm. They are most effective if used 15 minutes before sex.

However, they do have possible contraindications that you should take into account, such as temporary loss of sensation, a slight burning sensation, and decreased libido.

Lidocaine spray

Apply lidocaine spray on the penis a few 15 minutes before having sex may reduce hypersensitivity. In this way, premature ejaculation would be treated. Although one of the possible contraindications is the temporary loss of sensitivity.

Compression technique

There are techniques and exercises that can help control premature ejaculation. The compression technique is one of them. It consists of asking your partner to press under the glans for a few seconds when you feel that you are going to ejaculate. It is recommended to repeat this action as many times as it happens or you have not wished.

Technique stop-start

The idea of ​​this technique is to consciously control the sensation prior to orgasm. Stop sexual activity completely when you feel like you are going to have an ejaculation, wait until you relax and the effect of arousal subsides. Then slowly start sexual activity with your partner.

Pelvic floor exercises

Research has found that pelvic floor exercises are a good therapeutic option for treating premature ejaculation. How to do them? Follow the next steps:

  1. For 3 seconds contract your pelvic floor muscles. Then relax your muscles and do 10 reps. Keep a smooth breath all the time.
  2. Do this exercise in different positions: standing, sitting, or walking. Each week increase the seconds with the same number of repetitions to strengthen the muscles more.
  3. It is recommended to focus only on the pelvic floor, without contracting other muscles such as the abdomen, buttocks or thighs.

Some pelvic exercises, such as Kegel exercises, can be helpful in trying to control premature ejaculation.


To improve performance it is advisable to masturbate two hours before having intercourse. This action reduces the need to reach ejaculation or orgasm earlier than expected.

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Recognize the presence of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a disorder that can be caused by both a physical and a psychological problem.. Although there are no remedies that can completely eradicate this condition, you can have greater control and achieve more sexual satisfaction.

Many men fear revealing that they suffer from this problem and, therefore, avoid going to the doctor or being checked. You must remember that this is a common problem in the male sex and the approaches do not have to be a reason for pain.