Is it better to sleep as a couple or alone?

Sleeping doing the spoon has become one of the representations of a well-matched couple. And yet, lately both sleep specialists and sleepless couples point out that nothing happens for not sharing a bed. Moreover, on specific occasions it can be a test of love towards the other and towards oneself. In any case, it must be taken into account that it is not always possible to separate beds or rooms, since the distribution and the surface of the house does not allow it. And rest can suffer.

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“Sleeping is like going down the steps of a ladder. At first, the dream is superficial and must reach the deep phase. The problem is that if there is an interruption in this process: a noise or a touch, it is not possible to access deep sleep, which is necessary to rest. The person, at first, does not notice, but the next day he will have that feeling of not having had enough rest ”, explains Eduard Estivill, neurophysiologist, pediatrician and founder of the Estivill Sleep Clinic.

And not reaching the end of the stairs and sleeping soundly has consequences: from daytime sleepiness to irritability, even affecting physical, mental and emotional health if the situation is chronic. And most (29% according to a study by the University of Leeds) accuse their partner of their blank nights. Having a snoring lion as a couple is one of the most common complaints. But shared nights are also not a good option for, for example, couples who have completely different schedules and wake up the other, either because they have to get up or go to bed late for their work. They also influence each other's small customs: watching television in bed, having the light on for reading … which may not be to the liking of the other.

Snoring has led many couples to therapy.

And what is the option when sleeping as a couple means sleeping less or worse? For many "hold", because it seems that sleeping without peer is a slight or something that people who have already stopped wanting do. “It is not like that, it is a topic. Sleeping with the couple is one of the many things that can be done with her and not the main one. And if there are problems, nothing happens for not doing so. In fact, one of the quite common reasons why couples go to consultation is because one of them snores. And that is a serious problem for a couple ”, warns Ana Fernández, sexologist and director of the Astursex Sexological Center.

In case you don't want the change to be abrupt, Therapists advise that days of separation be combined with others of bed sharing. For example: sleep together on the weekend. But sleep specialists are much more radical and have it clear: The best thing for optimal sleep is to have no company.

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