Is it bad to remove body hair? This is what you should know about the most risky area

Is it bad to remove or shave hair from the whole body? There are many debates regarding this issue, and that is why many women do not know what to do, especially in certain areas. Do they let it grow or shave it in its entirety?

In the last decades, the canons of beauty dictated that the hairless bodies are more beautiful and hygienic. However, body hairs perform important functions.

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In general terms, the main function of hair is to isolate body temperature, because it serves as a physical barrier between cold air and skin. Thus, it protects the whole organism. In addition, it is a shield against friction during sexual activity. It also has the ability to deflect sweat and prevent irritation of the eyes.

What happens to pubic hair? The most risky area

Pubic hair has the function of protecting the genital area against pathogens and external aggressions.

Most people think that a shaved pubic area is more attractive than one with abundant hair. However, there are studies that reveal that removing it can be harmful to health.

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Dermatologists point out that pubic hair reduces the chances of transmission of infections during sexual intercourse. In addition, scientists from the University of Columbia say it allows maintaining a stable temperature in the genital area, which is essential to prevent the development of bacteria.

In the case of men, avoiding abrupt changes in temperature favors sperm production. They also ensure that the hair traps the pheromones of the fluids that are generated in the genital area, which generates attraction to the other.

Therefore, in order to make a decision in relation to removing pubic hair, it is necessary to be well informed.

Factors to consider when shaving pubic hair

Still not deciding whether or not to leave your genital hair? You should pay attention to these factors to convince yourself that it would be best to leave them as they are, or simply cut them a bit:

1. The skin suffers

First, removing pubic hair inflames and irritates hair follicles. In addition, you can leave wounds open (which are not visible to the naked eye). Constant hair removal also causes painful ingrown hairs.

We must also take into account skin conditions. Psoriasis or eczema may worsen due to hair removal. If you suffer from any of these skin disorders, you should consult a doctor. Otherwise, you could aggravate the situation and suffer several discomforts or pains.

2. Accelerates the proliferation of bacteria

Hot wax hair removal (also known as the Spanish system) is one of the most harmful for the pubic area. This method causes redness and weakening of the pores.

When this is combined with the humidity and temperature of the area, it becomes a breeding ground for group A bacteria and streptococci. And if there is no hair, we cannot prevent them from entering the body.

3. More chances of suffering from herpes and HPV

According to studies in France, women who are completely shaved are more likely to have genital herpes. When they shave and cause wounds, the organism is exposed to the virus that causes this sexually transmitted disease.

On the other hand, the human papillomavirus (HPV) has proliferated rapidly. This disease is transmitted in many cases without people knowing, either because it does not have such obvious symptoms or the lack of information. However, the fact that adults shave greatly increases the possibility of infection.

It is true that many women feel more confident about themselves when they are shaved, and that is why they have a better time when they are with their partner. However, intimate satisfaction goes beyond the amount of hair you have.

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