Ironing clothes: advantages and disadvantages

If you think that ironing clothes has no benefit and is just a waste of time, we are going to surprise you. The reality is that there are advantages and disadvantages that we will review throughout the article.

We understand (and we can even agree) that ironing can be one of the most cumbersome, boring, and pointless household chores out there. As long as the clothes are clean we can live with wrinkles without problems.

However, it is not just an aesthetic issue that encourages us to wear impeccable garments, but there is a whole health issue behind ironing. In this sense, the act of ironing clothes arises for hygiene reasons.

The goal of applying heat to clothing emerged to eliminate the louse responsible for typhus from clothing, epidemic relapsing fever and trench fever. Three diseases that were wreaking havoc on the world's population.

Advantages of ironing clothes

As we have already advanced, there are many benefits of ironing clothes ranging from aesthetic to health-related. Maybe we can convince you with some of them to make a place for the grill in your weekly routine.

1. Good presence

We are almost certain that when someone wears a wrinkled shirt you will notice it, whereas if they were ironed it would go unnoticed. Why will it be? Because we are in a society in which an ironed garment is the norm and wrinkles are frowned upon and quickly detected.

Elegance and good looks are also transmitted by wearing ironed garments. This is because the person gives the impression of being orderly and clean in all aspects of his life, as manifested in his way of dressing.

Ironed shirts are associated with good looks, order and neatness in the life of the wearer.

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2. Comfort

When ironing clothes eliminate the folds that rub your skin and bother. When properly stretched with the iron, the clothes fit better and feel much more comfortable.

3. Durability

When we decide to iron a garment we are extending its years of useful life. If washing it shrinks a little, then with the iron you can stretch it again and prevent it from continuing to shrink.

On the other hand, after having invested time in ironing your clothes you will want them to be kept in good condition, so you will be more careful when storing them. Whether you hang it or fold it, you will surely do it with the utmost caution so that it will keep for a longer time.

4. Health

When applying heat to the garment by means of the iron helps to eliminate germs that could be harmful to health. Many of these microorganisms survive washing and stay on clothes. This is intensified if you use washing programs with cold water.

5. Anti-humidity

The heat emanating from the iron removes traces of moisture that are not easily felt to the touch. This is why your clothes will be free of mold and fungus.

6. Relaxation

You can take advantage of this moment of ironing to finish watching that series or movie that you started and due to lack of time you still do not finish.

Disadvantages of ironing clothes

After so many advantages of ironing clothes, it can be difficult to find ironing a counterproductive activity. Nevertheless, here are some disadvantages.

1. Space

To be able to dedicate yourself to ironing you need a suitable space. Ironing centers or ironing boards occupy an important place in the house.

Whether it is the type that folds or is fixed in one position, you must allocate a site for the activity. If you do not have a suitable place, you will surely end up ironing on the table or bed and run the risk of accidents or damage to clothes.

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2. Costs

If you think about buying an ironing center, you may be surprised at its cost. Although they are very comfortable because you can store not only the iron, but also the clothes that you must review and the elements such as steamers or straighteners, you must allocate enough money for its acquisition.

The ironing space represents one more place to consider, as well as storing the products should be stipulated.

3. Plates

There is a wide variety of plates on the market and it is common that you do not know which one to buy. Although each one fulfills specific functions, many times we choose one that we think will satisfy our needs, but in the end we realize that we cannot use it every time.

For instance, vertical steam irons are more expensive and do not remove wrinkles from all types of fabrics, while the traditional ones are not as safe and take a long time to cool down, so they can cause burns.

Ironing clothes is a personal choice

If you are going to choose to iron your clothes, remember to include especially the bedding and cushion covers. In this way you will eliminate microorganisms that may remain on your sheets. and come into contact with the skin.

If we put it in the balance, we think that taking a couple of hours a week to iron is worth it. In addition to wearing your clothes neat and hygienic, you will do your health good.