Intermittent fasting: Tania Llasera's secret to lose 10kg during quarantine

We are absolute fans of Tania Llasera: from her recipes on Instagram (we recognize that they have entertained us as much as possible during the quarantine -and before-), her reflections on motherhood and especially her 'body positive' fight to accept us as we are and love ourselves despite what we weigh . Today, the presenter "after much reflection on whether to upload it or not" as she said in a story on her Instagram account, has shared with her followers in a post a photo of her physical change after having lost 10 kg during quarantine doing intermittent fasting (click here to know what types there are).

In a publication with a photo of how he is currently, Tania has revealed what he has done to feel better during these months and has nothing to do with stereotypes or unwritten norms, but with his binestar, "I tell you how and why I have lost weight … in full confinement Objective: Well-being – Be Well – balance body and mind – align with my Health I entered the quarantine, which became confinement, with extra kilos They came from last summer and with a extra Christmassy. I always look good, but I was a little uncomfortable now and I didn't fit almost anything in my closet, "began the argument for the presenter of 'Real Mom'.

"I had spent years informing myself and flirting with the 'intermittent fasting' and with the confinement by COVID19, the first week I was so overwhelmed that I lost a couple of kilos that served as an exit ramp to take seriously the #intermittent breakfast (inform yourself first). I thought: since I lock myself up at home and cook, I control better what I eat and when I eat it. It also helped that there are no dinners and parties, which helps to avoid temptations. So I put myself to it ", he continues before explaining what he is doing to feel better: "Basically, in my case, I don't usually like to have breakfast (at least, before I quit smoking), so I take advantage of the hours of sleep and add it to my non-breakfast (just a coffee or two ) and I drink a lot of water. I try to fast 16 hours every day and it is going great, "wrote Tania in the publication.

The presenter is performing one of the types of fasting that has the most benefits, (the warrior's fast is even more strict in terms of schedules) the call Method 16: 8 which consists of not eating anything, only liquids during 16 hours and eat for 8. According Edgar Barrio Nuevo, an integrative health specialist, fasting is very beneficial: “When insulin is high, the body is storing fat instead of burning it. What we intend to eliminate these foods from dinner is to try that the body, from dinner until the next day, has a metabolic window in which it cannot use carbohydrates and, instead, burn fat, ”hence the loss of weight Tania has experienced. But fasting has more benefits, Tania also refers to them in the publication, "Now, after 70 days of intermittent fasting, I can say that I feel good: I am full of ideas, of energy, I feel light and I am happy to be comfortable on my skin. I've lost 10 kilos … I don't like to measure myself, but I was curious, "he says. Of course, before recommending this practice, invite your followers to inform themselves.

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