Intermittent fasting: how it can help you speed up metabolism after 50 to lose weight

If you have already fulfilled the 50 surely you have noticed: your metabolism has slowed down in a more than evident way. What does this signify? That it costs you a lot to lose weight and the fat has become more resistant to diets and exercise. The solution is to speed up your metabolism to lose more calories And, if you have already tried all the tricks and exercises that we have proposed and you have not succeeded, here we offer you a possible solution: intermittent fasting.

But after 50 you can’t fast either way. Experts recommend not doing it too much length during daylight hours, don’t do it every day, nor in the same way. In this way, it is recommended to perform a maximum fast 12 or 14 hours five days a week on a light but complete diet of 1,600-1,800 caloriess, combined with two days of semi-fasting in which the 650 calories daily.

The combination of both fasts manages to accelerate your metabolism because the body is forced to go adapting to these changes. Also, if you find yourself tired than normal due to hormonal changes, this type of fast Less hard it will be better to cope with the day to day and you won’t be tempted to leave him.

In this way, you will not only get slim downbut also reduce the contour of the waist, which is where it accumulates more fat at this age. The figure that tells us that you are within healthy parameters is 80 centimeters of abdominal perimeter and intermittent fasting performed under the parameters that we indicate, is ideal to achieve it.

If you have never done intermittent fastingThinking of 12 hours without eating may seem like a world, but in reality if you had dinner at 9 at night, breakfast would be at 9 in the morning. It’s not that bad, No? In addition, during the rest of the day your diet will be very complete until you consume 1600-1800 calories, so you won’t go hungry.

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

The two days of semi-fast you can eat throughout the day, but the diet will be much more restrictive until you consume the 550-650 calories spread over one or two meals. These days are much stricter and it will be difficult for you arrange it with your social commitments, but you can place them throughout the week when it suits you best.

And what nutrients should this diet include? It is important to consume chromium, omega 3 and tryptophan, since they are substances that help to better metabolize fats. In addition, the latter will help you control the appetite for unhealthy foods such as candy or bread Because it increases serotonin.

You can find these nutrients in wheat germ, cereals, fruit, dairy (the chrome), and oily fish, avocado, nuts, flax and chia seeds (the Omega 3), dark chocolate, banana, eggs or turkey (the tryptophan).

To be able to follow this diet, it is essential that the plan previously, so you avoid the temptation to skip it day in and day out. Furthermore, having the planned menusyou will adapt the purchase to your needs so you will not lack the necessary food.

And not only the menus, but also the rest of activities to do during the week. Because to keep the kilos at bay it is essential to practice sportbut you shouldn’t do it on semi-fast days because you won’t have the Energy necessary. oh! and don’t forget to drink Waterbecause it is essential to eliminate toxins.

As you can see, it is not so difficult or hard to practice the intermittent fasting from the age of 50 if you know how to do it and its benefits in your Health and you silhouette are proven by professionals. Put it into practice and tell us the results.

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