Insomnia and its meaning according to the Biodescodification

Are you one of those people who have trouble sleeping and falling asleep? Do you spend hours tossing and turning in bed, watching the hours go by? Do you think about the multiple problems that you have to solve the next day or in the difficulties that you had that same day? Let me tell you that you are not alone.

Today, a large percentage of the population in the world suffers from what they call insomnia. Many often spend hours in bed to finally fall asleep and, upon awakening, they feel tired and without energy. This has an impact on their daily work, since it is directly linked to lack of concentration, irritability and fatigue, which in turn translates into low work performance and a poor quality of life. Therefore, the immune system is affected and the person becomes more prone to suffer different dysfunctions.

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Where does insomnia come from?

Insomnia is classified in psychology as a physical disorder, an abnormal absence of sleep that is characterized by being accompanied by anxiety and strong emotional states. It is almost always a reflection of a hidden emotional condition.

Biodescodification teaches us that insomnia is a real manifestation of our emotional state. It is interesting to note that our way of expressing ourselves speaks volumes about those we unconsciously keep, such as those emotions that lead us to stay alert, that is, to spend the night awake, with our eyes open and attentive to any event. That is precisely where the biological meaning of our insomnia lies.

Possible external causes that prevent you from sleeping

– Not having a fixed time to go to sleep, which ends up affecting our sleep cycle.

– The consumption of stimulants of the nervous system and other products.

– Depression, stress and night work.

– Frequent transoceanic trips.

– Degenerative imbalances.

– Night myoclonus.

– Post-traumatic syndrome.

It could also be given for a child who leaves home, a business that was not beneficial, a divorce, a deep friendship that has ended, or an argument with a family member.

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Possible internal causes that prevent you from sleeping

An unconscious feeling of being in danger, which refers to multiple situations that our brain translates as worthy of keeping on alert. For example, a person who lives with a demanding couple of love, generates an internal anxiety that can place her in a state of wakefulness, since she feels she must comply and does not want it to be while she is sleeping.

Another example could be the unconscious fear that many people who lived in a childhood have with the trauma of a father who beat them, who arrived in a toxic state at night and began to attack. That forces them to stay vigilant and alert even when they sleep.

Feeling guilty can be another cause, either consciously or unconsciously. In these cases, a feeling of not deserving rest is generated by not being doing what you should.

Fear of losing control can also cause insomnia. This is very characteristic of people with high degrees of insecurity.

Insomnia and its meaning according to the Biodescodification

The inability to sleep corresponds to a deep fear of giving in and letting go. It is characteristic of people who live with insecurity and want to have control over everything that happens in their life.

However, when sleeping, their mental faculties also sleep and are more vulnerable, because their senses are more alert and open to the unknown. Therefore, by occupying your mind with all kinds of ideas, all sorts of situations, even fictitious and invented by them, prevent you from gaining sleep.

The life of these people is colored with tension, anxiety, guilt and sometimes, even certain paranoia. This can result in a feeling that your ego or survival has already been threatened in some way, which is understandable if you have experienced certain deep traumas, such as a robbery, rape, etc.

They are likely to feel extreme nervousness and have difficulty making decisions. It is also as if they die each time they sleep, and this arouses fears of the unknown of the particular night.

Insomnia can be strongly related to conscious or unconscious guilt. For one reason or another, you may have the feeling of not deserving rest. Maybe it's because of a feeling of guilt for not being successful in life, not doing everything necessary for children, etc. It is also possible to have programmed yourself thinking that "sleep is a waste of time".

The thymus gland is closely linked to sleep and, at the same time, to the energy of the heart. Insomnia can be linked to the ability to love, to trust in love and, for the same reason, in life. Learning to relax and release control allows sleep to regain its place in life.

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