Infusions for anemia

Anemia is a problem that affects many people. Although there are different reasons why it may appear, the most frequent is the one that has to do with the malabsorption of iron. But, did you know that there are infusions for anemia?

The infusions have different benefits. They help us to calm stomach pains or improve our digestion. However, they can also help us to better assimilate iron. Therefore, throughout this article we will discover some of the best infusions for this indication.

4 infusions for anemia

According to the article 'Factors that modify the state of nutrition of iron: content of tannins of herbal infusions', some infusions work better than others because they contain a lower amount of tannic acid (acid that prevents a good absorption of iron).

Specialists recommend taking these infusions, at least one hour after meals so that the body can absorb, without problems, the iron from food. Consuming one a day is enough.

1. Infusion of fennel

Infusion of fennel is one of the first infusions for anemia. Its scientific name is Foeniculum vulgare and, although we are going to talk about its consumption in the form of an infusion, It can also be included as food in different meals.

To make the infusion we will need:

  • Use about 30 grams of fennel leaves.
  • Add 1 liter of water.
  • Prepare as a normal infusion.

Fennel bulbs can be used to add them to many of our dishes and enjoy delicious foods rich in iron.

2. Infusion of mint

Mint or Mentha It is a very used infusion that the vast majority of people have in their kitchen. It is ideal to accelerate digestions and reduce the heaviness caused by the consumption of copious meals. However, it also helps us if we suffer from anemia.

Among the properties of mint is found to be a rich source of iron. For this reason, it is good to consume it, at least one hour after eating. We can take it up to twice a day and it is better to buy mint leaves to prepare a homemade infusion.

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3. Cinnamon infusion

Another of the infusions for anemia is that made with cinnamon or Cinnamomum verum. This spice that is used in different foods and desserts, can also be consumed in the form of infusion if we follow the following steps:

  • We will need 2 sticks of cinnamon stick and 1 cup of water.
  • We put the water to boil.
  • When it reaches the boiling point, add the cinnamon.
  • Let boil a few minutes and then put out the fire.

4. Infusion of rosemary

The infusion of rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalisIt is also very rich in iron. But, in addition, it has different properties that make it an excellent ally to deal with gas and stomach discomfort.

The infusion of rosemary not only helps to expel the gases but it is a rich source of iron.

It is prepared as a normal infusion, although It is preferable to buy the rosemary leaves, instead of the tea bags already prepared. The first option is much more natural and effective.

Tips for anemia

In addition to all the infusions for anemia that we have just discovered, it is convenient to include iron-rich foods in the diet. According to the article 'Importance of the consumption of iron and vitamin C for the prevention of iron-deficiency anemia', some foods rich in this mineral are:

  • Meat, poultry and fish.
  • Whole grains and legumes.
  • Roots and tubers.

Including a glass of white wine during the meal, can also help to elevate iron absorption present both in cereals and in plant foods. However, it is not recommended to exceed the recommended amount of a glass.

Now that we know the infusions that can help us fight anemia, it is essential that we remember that we should never consume them right after meals. Thus, we will avoid limiting the absorption of iron from food.

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Likewise, it is vital to introduce iron-rich foods into the diet as those already mentioned and follow the recommendations that we give our doctor. It may be necessary that we take an additional supplement so that our iron levels stabilize.

Have you ever consumed these 4 infusions against anemia? Did they help you?