Increase your creativity with a walk

Sometimes you go around in circles thinking until an idea comes to you. Or you get up from the computer and walk down the hall until the solution to your problem comes alone. This has an explanation and that is that movement activates brain neurons and rearranges the brain, making it less likely that people who walk suffer from high levels of anxiety, and when they do, their productivity increases.

Studies carried out by scientists from the Princeton University concluded that exercise, on a regular basis, helps brain regeneration and releases endorphins.

Apparently, the brain acts automatically before the routines. If we always do the same and in the same way, cognitive responses will be less and less creative in the absence of new neural connections. This results in memory loss, boredom and lethargy.

Since the routines are not good for the brain, but we love them, we can add a little sauce daily and introduce a walk in the middle to please the mind. If, in addition, you do it in contact with nature, the effect doubles as we generate new thoughts, reactions and moods. This, in the end, means creativity in abundance.

Although it is better outdoors, the fact of walking on a treadmill, in a closed room and four blank walls, can have twice as many creative responses compared to a person who remains seated. This is affirmed by a study carried out by Stanford researchers.

Conclusion: if you feel stuck and without original ideas, go out for 30 minutes a day and creativity will flow through your veins.

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