Iñaki Ereño (Sanitas) & # 039; record & # 039; as advisor to the Belgian fund Ergon Capital

Ergon Capital has a new signing: Iñaki Ereño. The CEO of Sanitas thus joins the board of this Belgian fund to perform the functions of an international advisor, a group of "experienced executives of sectors and strategic geographical points for Ergon", as the fund explained in a statement.

"We are convinced that Iñaki, thanks to his knowledge and experience in sectors such as health, can bring enormous value to our board of advisors," he said Emanuele Lembo, Ergon's managing partner.

This Belgian fund begins to have a certain presence in Spain. In the summer of the year 2018, it was done with Indo Optical, a Catalan company that operates in the ophthalmic lens sector and that until then was in the hands of Sherpa.

Ergon, what is it? subsidiary of the Belgian financial group Group Bruxelles Lambert (GBL), was established in 2005 and is dedicated to restructuring and relaunching companies that do not go through their best moment. Usually, he sets his eyes on companies in industrial sectors.

For his part, Iñaki Ereño is the CEO of Sanitas since 2008, position to which it arrived after being general director of Clients and Marketing of the group. Prior to joining the company, he was director of Marketing Services at TPI, owned by Telefónica, and was director of Customer Marketing for Continent, which is currently Carrefour.