In the bathroom, in the shower, to perfume … 5 ways to use essential oils that you don't know and you should try today

You can buy them ready-made or become an expert alchemist, but what you shouldn't do is give up on them because lEssential oils are a 100% natural aid to solve all kinds of problems. What do you want to lose weight? Well, citronella essential oil. What can tiredness or stress do to you? Ravintsara essential oil will give you the extra energy you need. What have you done to yourself? The solution awaits you in a small bottle of calendula essential oil. But sometimes. although we know the remedy we do not know get the most out of it that we should. Here are all the techniques you can use to make your essential oil collection perform at its best.

In your bathtub: maximize the result with all your pores

All you have to do is fill your bathtub with warm water, close the bathroom door, add six drops of your undiluted essential oil to the water and stir. Two caveats: add the droplets just before you get into the water because the heat of the droplets evaporates its benefits quickly … and distribute the dose well throughout the water. A concentration of oil in a single point can be an unpleasant experience for delicate skin.

Also, if your skin is atopic, always mix the essential oil with a base oil and never use black pepper oil in your bathtub, mint, mandarin or any other citrus.

In the shower: to stimulate or relax you choose

Yes you put six drops of essential oil on your sponge and you scrub all over your body with it at the end of the shower you will notice the effects of the oil immediately. Another option is that dissolve those six droplets in two tablespoons of base oil and apply the mixture to bare skin before going into the shower. Breathe in the aroma given off by your skin and let yourself go.

Have you tried diluting them and applying them to compresses? … They also work like this.

Essential oil in compresses for localized action

A headache, an unexpected sprain, or a joint that gives us war from time to time can be relieved with the right compress. And you also have the advantage that homemade compresses you can apply them hot for chronic pain and cold for acute pain or swelling (or alternate them, which is the best solution if you have sprained yourself).

To make a compress with essential oils dilute five drops of the essential oil in a basin with water. Then soak a washcloth in that water, squeeze the compress and apply it to the painful area. Use a bandage to fix the compress in the area where it should act and rest for a couple of hours with the compress on to take effect. Yes, never use this medium on open wounds.


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Steamed, the perfect remedy to breathe better

Inhaling the right essential oils is not only beneficial to our respiratory system, it is also helps calm nerves, stress and anxiety. To make a mist with essential oils add two to four drops of the chosen one in a basin with hot water. Then cover the head with a towel and lean it over the basin for a maximum of five minutes. During inhalations, do not open your eyes. This way of taking advantage of essential oils is not suitable for people with asthma.

In nebulizer to purify the environment

If you add 250 ml of water to a nebulizer and 15 drops of essential oil You can spray your room with this mixture and enjoy a pleasant and healthy aroma. Of course, it prevents the mixture from coming into contact with surfaces that are lacquered or waxed.

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