In China they supply untested vaccines against Covid-19

There is still no one in the world vaccine tested against Covid-19, but that hasn't stopped China. Since in this country supply untested vaccines, with risks still unknown. In fact, they inoculated tens of thousands of people according to their reports. Although it is estimated that it has been in the hundreds of thousands.

In this way, they have avoided the traditional process of clinical trials. Three candidate vaccines are already being administered to workers that the government considered of great importance. Among them, the employees of the same pharmaceutical companies. And with this, officials are putting forward plans for even more people to be vaccinated.

They hope that over time it will be shown that these doses were always safe and effective.

China's rush has puzzled world experts

The truth is that nobody expected this type of protocol to be carried out, and in reality, no other country has administered its citizens vaccines that have not been tested. Since the usual drug testing process involves a very immense scale.

Candidate vaccines in the rest of the world are in the phase 3 trials (the last stage), which are carried out for the most part outside of China. Those who are injected with the dose of those trials are tracked and monitored close up.

But with regard to China, it is still unknown if it is taking these measures for everyone who is injecting into the country. According to different information, it is believed that only the first second stage was carefully evaluated.

The biggest red flag for the global health community is that untested vaccines could have harmful side effects. Being ineffective, they could generate a false sense of security, which would then encourage behavior that could even produce more infections.

On the other hand, the widespread use of vaccines also raises problems of consent. As employees of Chinese vaccine manufacturers and state-owned companies, they may feel pressured to roll up their sleeves. For this reason, companies have asked people who have received the vaccines to sign an agreement. He himself says; "I am concerned that company employees may find it difficult to refuse."

Safety is a priority for other countries

Since March of this year, China has been competing with the United States and other countries to develop a vaccine. The difference is that his rivals are moving more cautiously.

American companies say that they will first carry out all the necessary tests before approving a vaccine and making it widely used. In Russia, the authorities report that they still have to administer it in a large population, according to officials and health experts, and then discharge it.

In July, the Chinese government had already approved three vaccines for emergency use in other people nationwide. He mentioned that he was going to prioritize the administration of vaccines to healthcare professionals, epidemic prevention personnel, border inspection officials and people who "protect basic operations in cities." Now, it seems that those groups could expand until the entire population is vaccinated.

What do you think about this decision that China has made?