In case you've gotten tired of cooking this Christmas, here are 5 ideas for making healthy snacks that won't make you fat

To cook or not to cook, that is the question you face on cold and lazy days. We come to the rescue of your vacations and your free time to propose an idea: have a sandwich, but keep it healthy. Is that possible? Well yes, if you follow these maxims and stick to our list of ingredients. Take note.

How to make a healthy, non-fattening snack

The important thing is the choice of the raw material, and starting with the base, without question, your sandwich has to be made with whole wheat bread. The advantages of whole wheat bread over the rest of the breads are unquestionable: by providing fiber in each bite not only contributes to the good health of the most beneficial bacteria that live in your intestine, but also generates a greater feeling of satiety so you can eat less and, at the same time, less hungry. With 60-80 g of whole wheat bread You can make a sandwich that will serve you perfectly to end the day.


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The second commandment of the healthy snack is that always have a plant-based ingredient inside And the third is that you accompany it with water to drink and fruit for dessert (it is useless to eat healthy and then throw it all overboard because of the accompaniments).

What matters: what we put inside the sandwich

Among the sandwich fillings for your dinners that no dietitian-nutritionist would argue are:

Tuna melva sandwich with tomato and lettuce. If you want to give it a gourmet touch, you can add arugula or lamb's lettuce or fresh spinach leaves. And if you want to improve it even more, add another vegetable with some roasted red peppers.


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Tuna cream sandwich. It is an option with many calories, but by consuming it occasionally nothing happens. To make the cream you need to mix a can of tuna in olive oil drained with grated hard boiled egg, grated onion, cabbage and julienned carrots, a tablespoon of homemade mayonnaise and a pinch of pepper.

Lentil pate sandwich (made with lentils stewed with curry) with tender greens of lettuce and spinach and a thread of extra virgin olive oil.

Grilled chicken strip sandwich with roasted peppers, zucchini and onions and goat cheese crumbs.

And the most classic: Spicy sardines sandwich with chopped chives and a few drops of lemon juice.

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