Improve your emotions with an oxytocin inhaler

Trust in others is the basis of any social relationship. On the contrary, distrust annihilates interactions of any kind. Some virtuosos of the human mind manage to gain the confidence of the most recalcitrant with body and verbal language. For those who do not enjoy this masterful capacity there may be alternatives: A nasal spray can improve the perception others have of you.

Note: In this article, scientific examples are mentioned in which an oxytocin inhaler can interact in the case of emotional adversity, eating disorders or autism. But nevertheless, they are experimental observations that are far from becoming universal remedies. They should not be taken literally, but rather as interesting information about research on emotional management in various fields of work.

Inhale hormone and others will fall better

Oxytocin is a hormone that we produce. Acts in the brain as a chemical modulator of social behavior, trust and attachment. According to scientific studies, inhaling oxytocin through the nose increases trust between people and improves social relationships. It even improves the interpretation of complex emotions when it is hard for us to describe what we feel.

An investigation has shown that After the nasal administration others understand better what we feel without having to give many explanations. The most surprising thing is that only one dose is enough to increase empathy, confidence and cooperative eagerness in us from the first contact with strangers.

Oxytocin improves the memory of war conflicts

This hormone of affection is so powerful for the mind that even can improve natural aversion for war enemies in war conflicts and relieve traumatic experiences.

A work carried out jointly by researchers from the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom has shown that Israelis who showed painful consequences of their experience in the Israel-Palestine conflict increased empathy towards the pain and suffering of the enemy.

Oxytocin inhaler linked to eating motivation

Oxytocin is linked to appetite and weight. In a study in people with obesity who were inhaling small doses of hormone for 8 weeks, it was found that they lost more than 15 kilos without effort. The explanation for this miraculous change comes from the fact that a single nasal dose reduced cravings and, therefore, there was less tendency to eat whims that end up being kilos of more.

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On the other hand, The levels of this hormone are altered in people suffering from anorexia nervosa. This disease is characterized by a distorted view of self-perception, eating disorders, rejection of food and extreme thinness. The altered doses of oxytocin in people suffering from anorexia would explain the lack of motivation for food as a pleasant activity, and the distortion between the sensations of hunger and satiety.

Oxytocin assay in autism

Oxytocin inhalation has also been used in trials with people with autism. Autistic people suffer from childhood a disorder that manifests itself with the loss of contact with external reality and social maladjustment. They seem to be in their "own world".

In this case, after intranasal inhalation autistic patients respond and interact more with others, they increase companionship and confidence and, ultimately, improve social behavior.

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After this reading, the ideas of contexts in which we would love to have an oxytocin inhaler so that, for example, the director of the bank would grant us a loan, or the possible buyer would acquire the product that we want to sell with so much effort.

But beware! Do not accept an inhaler of strangers in case they could have the same pretensions with you.