Importance of foreplay or games before sex

Foreplay is an essential aspect in sexual relationships. Despite this, it is a neglected aspect. What are its benefits? How to practice it?

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz on December 04, 2021.

Last update: 04 December, 2021

Sexuality has to be a source of pleasure, relaxation and human connection. Nevertheless, For many people, sexual encounters are not as satisfying. This tends to occur due to the absence of the foreplay or foreplay. It is often said that women need it most; however, men also benefit from its practice.

The daily routine, the rush and the obligations do not always leave us the time or energy to take proper care of intimate relationships. Thus, many couples end up having sex in a monotonous and automatic way, focusing only on penetration. The foreplay It invites us to go calmly, to savor the moment and to delight ourselves in that shared time. Do you want to know more about it?

Why is foreplay important?

The foreplay encompasses all foreplay that takes place before having sexual intercourse. In fact, any action or element that helps to create a favorable climate, and to increase the desire of both, falls into this category.

We all know about the existence of these preliminaries and, although both men and women want and enjoy them, we do not always give them the importance they deserve. We have to remember that humans are not machines; we are complex beings with a body, a mind and an emotional world. Thus, these three components play a key role in the sexual encounter.

Games before sex fulfill the function of increasing desire and arousal, that is, the first two phases of the human sexual response. Without them, we fall almost directly into the plateau and orgasm phases, depriving ourselves of a critical part of the process. So why give up such an experience?

Foreplay increases sexual pleasure in both women and men.

What are the benefits of foreplay?

The benefits of foreplay they develop both physically and psychologically. In particular, they make sex a much more complete and rewarding experience. Here are some of its main effects.

Avoid making sexual intercourse uncomfortable or painful

The preliminaries increase arousal and generate a series of changes in the body that prepare it for the sexual act. To be more exact, in the case of women, help to produce proper lubrication and dilation of the vagina. In this way, discomfort or pain that can appear when foreplay is ignored are avoided.

Increase and lengthen pleasure

When the desire increases, there is a greater reception to the stimuli. The looks, the kisses, the caresses … each act is lived and felt much more intensely. Thus, the pleasure is prolonged and the time is prolonged as long as the members of the couple wish. And is that the focus is not on reaching orgasm, but on enjoying every moment.

In addition, all sexual activity is much more pleasant when high levels of arousal have been reached. For the same reason, dedicate time to foreplay will make the meeting more passionate and rewarding for both.

Prevents sexual dysfunctions

Foreplay can prevent the onset of certain sexual dysfunctions by helping to focus attention on enjoyment rather than performance. At the same time, they allow greater communication and complicity between the couple.

Boost emotional connection and intimacy

We cannot forget that sex has an emotional component, especially if it is practiced within a couple. Thus, the foreplay it is a great ally to increase the connection and the feeling of intimacy. Spending time in foreplay can help strengthen the bond and trust between the two of you.

How to practice foreplay?

When it comes to practicing the foreplay there are no limits beyond mutual consent. On the contrary, creativity can be the best tool. Of course, the preliminaries can include kisses, caresses, and words spoken in a seductive tone; but they go much further. Some ideas may be the following:

  • Send text messages to your partner telling him how much you want her. With this you will create an expectation that will increase throughout the day until the meeting. You can also put a note somewhere in the house.
  • Create a nurturing environment using candles, scents, lingerie, or soft music. The stimulation of the senses is essential to awaken desire.
  • You can introduce some sex toys and other games such as handcuffs, handkerchiefs, sex dice, letters with questions and challenges.
  • Play role-playing games. Adopting different characters and fulfilling certain fantasies can be very stimulating for both of you.
  • Use sexual assertiveness. Do not be afraid to ask your partner what you want, express what you are feeling and try different types of stimulation.
  • Use creams or oils to massage your partner. Afterward, both of you can switch roles.
Sex toys are very helpful for pre-sex stimulation.

Pre-sex games help us enjoy the moment

Of all, the most important thing is to focus your attention on the present moment. As far as possible, you have to put aside the pressures to enjoy calmly. Remember that sex is not a sprint to reach orgasm, but a pleasant long-distance race in which you can taste every step.

It is evident that we will not always have the same availability of time; even so, As far as possible, we must not neglect this aspect. The quality of our sexual encounters will increase dramatically.

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