If your back pain does not go away, rhizolysis may be the solution

If you belong to 91% of Spaniards You have suffered low back pain throughout your life and you know how much this back pain can complicate your life. Imagine now that, in addition, that painful and tingling sensation will not leave you for months. Well, now all those patients who have become accustomed to living with their low back pain have a therapy that offers good results at their disposal: radiofrequency rhizolysis.

What is rhizolysis?

This technique consists of heat application generated by radiofrequency electrodes in the nerve that collects and transmits the painful sensitivity of the spine and, well used, a 70% of patients undergoing it improve pain. Although you have to notice one thing: you can relapse and the pain appears again. The good news is that the procedure can also be repeated. There are patients who do it every one or two years, since the inconvenience and risks that are run with this procedure are minima.

In addition, rhizolysis produces almost no discomfort and the next day it can be performed normal life, including physical work and sports. It is important to associate with the procedure a program of weight loss, postural care and enhancement of the waist muscles (CORE) with exercise directed by a coach who knows how to deal with patients with a history of low back pain.

Who can resort to rhizolysis

It is the ideal technique for all those whose low back pain originates in the facet joints later of the column. This pain is characterized by being of moderate intensity, appearing when standing, still or sitting; when sleeping on your stomach or with the trunk extension.

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To verify that the pain we suffer is of facet origin, the specialist injects a anesthetic in these joints of the spine and check if the pain disappears for the duration of the infiltration effect. If so, we can get the treatment and end the pain.

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