If you want to reach 50 as JLo you should copy these 5 healthy habits

Jennifer Lopez has turned 50 and continues on the crest of the wave. Her professional career is going well, she is in love, lives a happy family life and also looks great thanks to her physical training sessions and her healthy diet. He has flirted with low carb diets, follows a disciplined beauty routine and takes care of his emotional stability. Take note of these 5 JLo habits that you can easily include in your day to day.


Advance dinner time

It is one of the best tricks to lose weight and feel lighter. Advancing dinner time means that the hormones of appetite and satiety (leptin and ghrelin) are perfectly regulated at night preventing glucose levels from triggering and with them the accumulation of fat in the body.

JLo is aware of the benefits of advancing the last intake of the day and that is why, whenever you can, have dinner with your children at 6:30 pm, perfect time to do the digestion and go to bed early. According to Tracy Anderson, his personal trainer, Jennifer likes to have dinner soon and especially baked protein, steam, iron or grill. One of the dinners that JLo would make is chicken accompanied by vegetables and quinoa. A perfect dish for good weight control.


Take time

Jennifer, like all of us, needs to find time for herself, so she feels in balance, more focused, more relaxed and happier. We know that it is not always easy to find that hole because we usually put ourselves in last place on many occasions but make an effort, pamper yourself, Look for that moment that you can dedicate yourself, to what you like, to relax, to take care of yourself, and you will see that after all the other tasks and obligations become easier and you face them in a better way.

A massage, read that book you've been putting off for weeks, a leisurely walk, go shopping, have a wine with friends, a relaxing bath … Think of yourself and so you can transmit that balance to others. Do the test.


Your secret to avoid cravings

JLo already revealed his way of avoiding the feared cravings that cause us to take extra kilos without realizing. "Protein is my solution when I start to crave. It fills me and satisfies me for longer. It's a great muscle fuel."

Jennifer follows a strict training routine and in her diet includes quality protein such as eggs, chicken or turkey meat and fish. If you reduce the intake of carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, potatoes or rice, and increase that of vegetables combined with healthy fats and protein portions you will notice that cravings disappearn having stable glucose and a feeling of fullness for longer.

Walnuts as antiage allies

JLo avoids ultraprocessed foods and is a great lover of nuts because of the healthy benefits they bring to the body. Specifically take a handful of nuts a day as they are rich in vegetable proteins, healthy fats and antioxidants. They help reduce appetite and are your best allies to fight the damage caused by free radicals responsible for cell aging, in addition to keeping abdominal swelling at bay. Do you need more reasons to integrate this healthy habit into your life? Take a handful of nuts in the bag to peck at any time of the day, it is a healthy snack.


Work these mantras

Jennifer Lopez repeats a mantra every day that we should all repeat every day. It says "I'm young" a few times, age is on the mind and seeing her we have no doubt that it works.

As well positivity works because he is aware that it is something we have to do to be happy. JLo faces his day with positive affirmations, listening, respecting himself and giving himself a shot of energy from the inside that help him live the day in a different way. A way to love yourself more and lift your spirits to rebalance your body and mind.

Can work affirmations like JLo or dedicate a few minutes a day, at the beginning or at the end of the day, to meditation, in order to reach this state of stillness, serenity and personal enrichment so necessary in the times that are running. Namaste

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