If you want to lose weight, do not eat with your hands

Catch the french fries with hand or biting a hamburger is an added pleasure for the palate. Scientists of the Stevens University In New York they say so: eating with your hands makes food taste better, but be careful, because it also makes you eat more.

Touching food causes the brain to improve sensory perceptions, and before that bowl of popcorn reaches your mouth, the fact of having touched them makes them perceive them richer and more satisfying than if you put a menu of five Michelin stars in your mouth using a spoon, knife and fork.

But researchers discovered that this brain mechanism has a trick: only people who usually restrict your diet They experienced that extra pleasure (and ended up eating too much). On the other hand, those who usually eat what they want do not find tastier the food no matter how much they held it by hand before. And that the groups of volunteers were put in a break with all kinds of food: from donuts to cheese taquitos.

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The end result: that the people who control their food consumption (include in this group if you are on a diet) If they eat with their hands, they suffer an improved sensory response, which makes the food more desirable and attractive … and they end up eating too much. Keep that in mind.

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