If you sleep poorly, you will eat worse … and gain weight

Sleeping less than seven hours each night or accumulating blank nights takes its toll in the form of extra kilos. A study conducted with 495 women and published in the Journal of the American Heart Association He has proven that those who slept poorly were more likely to eat too much and have a poor quality diet, which also increased their risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Apparently, when women fail to catch their eyes at night, the consequences of insomnia take a form of predilection the next morning for foods high in saturated fat and added sugars and by a decrease in the intake of fiber (in the form of fruit, vegetables and whole foods) and proteins.

On the contrary, the good sleep quality female was associated in this research with a higher intake of unsaturated fats, which is the type that has been linked to disease risk reduction cardiovascular.

If you don't catch an eye, you will swell with buns throughout the next day.

That the bad dream causes a bad diet It is a factor to take into account since chronic insomnia is a more common ailment in women than in men and the culprit is … hormones and their fluctuations. According to the Insomnia Guide of the Spanish Dream Society, half of the women go to consultation with sleep disorders just before or during menstruation. Approximately three quarters of pregnant women say their sleep is severely impoverished throughout pregnancy.

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The menopause It does not improve things: many women at that stage experience a fragmented sleep, because estrogen and progesterone directly affect the circadian female rhythm and their sleep patterns. Conclusion: if you do not sleep well at night, seek help in your doctor's office … or junk food will find you.

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