If you have this disease, you should take precautions on cold days

The Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) warns that the proportion of people suffering from cardiovascular disease increases by 20% in winter, due to low temperatures. Coronary heart disease increases by 10%.

The winter period can mainly affect older people and those who already have cardiovascular conditions, diabetes or hypertension. Some of the most common dangers are the angina pectoris, the acute myocardial infarction wave ischemic heart disease.

Cold demands more oxygen from the body, and this increases heart rate and blood pressure, a bad combination for vulnerable people.

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This is what experts advise to avoid cardiovascular conditions in winter:

– Avoid going outside without covering yourself well (especially your head)

– Make significant physical efforts only in the hours of lowest temperature (sunrise and sunset)

– Use waterproof boots

– Avoid, if possible, leaving your home if there is extreme cold or windy

– Do not drink alcohol thinking that increases your body temperature

– Avoid cigarettes, as nicotine favors cardiac spasms

– Get a flu shot

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Of course, eating a proper diet is always recommended, and this case is no exception.

As with many conditions, cardiovascular diseases are caused by the combination of different factors, including high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and others.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle counteracts these factors and, in conjunction with the measures mentioned above, should keep you protected in the winter.

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