If you have already passed the Covid-19, do you have to be vaccinated? Solve all your doubts about coronavirus vaccines

Until the coronavirus, never a disease had generated so much information and at such an accelerated rate, so much that it is not strange that what was said a few months ago no longer works in this January 2021. If at the beginning of the pandemic we doubted its severity, its symptoms or whether or not it was transmitted through the air, now we have some concepts clearer. But with the arrival of vaccines, new doubts have appeared and it is time to clarify all of them so that you can safely vaccinate.


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When do I have to get vaccinated against the coronavirus?

If you are not a person at risk, neither elderly nor belonging to the group of health and social health personnel … Take it easy because until spring or summer it is not estimated that healthy and young people who do not comply will begin to be vaccinated these requirements to be workers with special risk of catching or spreading the coronavirus. By the way, we remind you that the vaccination campaign depends on the Health Service of your autonomous community and it will be this service that contacts you, do not collapse the switchboard of your health center to ask about when you are vaccinated.

Do I have to get vaccinated if I have already passed COVID-19?

In Spain, vaccines are not compulsory and, for the moment, it is not foreseen that vaccination against COVID, when spread to the general population, be it. As it is possible that months will pass until that moment, it is also true that by the time you can get vaccinated you have already been infected by the coronavirus and overcome the disease. Does it make sense in this case to get vaccinated?

The answer that the experts give is that yes, it does. The immunity generated by having passed the coronavirus infection expires, and cases of reinfection have already occurred. Given the lack of consistent data on how long this acquired immunity lasts, recommendation of health authorities is that if you can get vaccinated, even if you have passed the disease, do it to prevent a second infection.

Can I get vaccinated if I have an allergy?

The Pfizer vaccine that until now has been administered in Spain (other types of vaccines will arrive shortly) has caused anaphylaxis reactions in people with an allergy to some of its components, so it cannot be put in those people who have an allergy to the components listed in the package insert. If you've ever had an allergy to a drug or vaccine, you should check with your doctor before getting vaccinated.

But if what you suffer is an allergy to food, animals, insects, pollen, latex … the vaccine has proven to be safe In all these cases, that is, you can get vaccinated without problems.


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If I get vaccinated, can I stop wearing a mask?

A resounding no. Getting vaccinated means that if you do get the infection you are much less likely to end up intubated in an ICU, just that. But even if you get vaccinated you must continue to comply with the anticovid measures (mask, frequent hand washing, and social distancing) because not getting the coronavirus at all is much better than getting mildly ill from the coronavirus.

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