If you have a white tongue, you may have any of these health problems

You can know that your tongue is healthy when it has a pink color, it keeps moisturized, It can move easily and is in the central position from the mouth

Anything that moves away from this can mean that there are an abnormal condition It affects your mouth, your tongue or some other body organ. In particular, if it looks white, you may suffer from any of the following health problems.

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Experts indicate that these may be some of the causes for which your tongue is white:

  • Frequent consumption of alcohol or tobacco
  • Gastritis or stomach inflammation
  • Insufficient oral hygiene
  • Dryness and dehydration of the mouth
  • Low fiber diet
  • Fever

Additionally, there are other conditions that can cause a white discoloration on the tongue, such as lichen planus, a disease that affects the mucosa and skin, and that has a chronic inflammatory nature.

There is also the hairy leukoplakia, an injury that can be caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which manifests almost exclusively in people with HIV infection.

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There is a wide variety of conditions that can cause white tongue, including oral candidosis, geographical language, mouth cancer or language, syphilis and more.

It doesn't mean that because you have a white tongue you have to fear the worst, you may not have cleaned yourself so well in the last few days. But if this manifests itself permanently, may be an indicator of an abnormal and potentially dangerous condition.

Try to maintain good oral hygiene and See a specialist for any concerns. If necessary, he can offer an effective treatment.

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