If you get up at night to go to the bathroom you can have this disease

¿Do you go to the bathroom a lot at night? Then you should know that it is a condition that has a name: nocturia. The researchers have proposed to know more about it.

In fact, they have discovered that it could be closely related to high blood pressure. This is explained by the results of the study presented last March in the 83rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society (JCS 2019).

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The investigation more recent

"Our study indicates that if you need to urinate at night, a condition called nocturia, you may have an increase in blood pressure and / or excess fluid in your body," said Dr. Satoshi Konno, author of the study and head of the Division. of Hypertension at the Tohoku Rosai Sendai Hospital in Japan. "If you continue to have nocturia, Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure and salt intake"

This study examined the relationship between nocturia and hypertension in the Japanese population. The study recruited 3,749 residents of Watari who underwent an annual medical check-up in 2017. Blood pressure was measured and information on nocturia was obtained through a questionnaire.

"We found that getting up at night to urinate was linked to a 40% higher chance of having hypertension," Dr. Konno explained, adding, "The more visits to the bathroom, the higher the risk of hypertension."

Previous research conducted in Japan also reported that high salt intake is associated with nocturia. But it should be noted that, compared to Western countries, the Japanese consume more salt and are more likely to be sensitive to it, which means that your blood pressure increases more when it is consumed. It should be analyzed in later studies how much the figures detailed by Dr. Konno can be extrapolated to other populations.

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