If you gain a few kilos during the period, you need to read this

You're not the only one: the scale increases and your cowboys, by magic, lose two sizes when you period is falling. Whatever you call it: rule, menstruation, red tide or those days of the month, surviving when symptoms struggle to manifest in waves of pain, swelling and discomfort is an arduous task only suitable for the bravest.

Some people fatten up to three kilos during the period. But do not panic: the vast majority of that weight is water, and therefore, when you finish the rule, it disappears. However, it is very annoying during, due to the feeling it leaves: you are bloated, almost ready to explode (no, we do not mean being exaggerated) and there is nothing that can remedy that can remedy it.

The fact that your favorite skirt does not close does not help either, although you must remember that what the scale marks is only a number and that the weight gain is not real. And just as it comes, it will go away.

Your hormones? The culprits

Before the period begins, your body produces estrogen. At high levels, it can indirectly cause your body to retain fluid, causing you to feel bloated and potentially, causing you to gain some kilo than another. Of course, we repeat it again; that's it fluid retention.

The good news? The levels of estrogen they diminish once your rule begins so you will feel relief just when the belly pain makes a stellar appearance.

The other hormone present during the period is the progesterone, which reaches a very high peak in the second half of the cycle, which causes fluid retention, chest pain, and weight gain.

But it's not all bad news: some women grow their breasts up to one size during these days. Why? It is due to progesterone, which causes the body to push fluid from the blood vessels to the tissues, causing them to swell and appear larger. If you want to put on that dress with a neckline of infarction may be the time, however, if you have a big chest and the last thing you want is to grow more, no doubt, during these days, you will not be able to find any pro in what to your body refers. Your sexual appetite can grow, yes, due to the hormone party that is being organized in your body, if the cramps and swelling do not let you live normally, you may not feel completely comfortable maintaining sex. But everything is to try, especially the morning sex (here you have all its benefits).

Junk food your worst (best) ally

There is no more universal truth: when you are with the rule you do not want to swell yourself to broccoli. You want to plunder with all your might the cupboard in the pantry that has more calories. That is to say, those of cookies, potatoes and other various foods whose main ingredient is sugar. Not to mention the magic word: CHOCOLATE. Unfortunately, that kind of food, even if it makes you feel better, does not do you any favors. The salt and ingredients in these snacks only worsen fluid retention. And yes, we know: going to the gym is the last thing on your mind in these circumstances, but it can be very beneficial for you to find something better. Sweating helps to eliminate toxins and to lose liquid and the enforfinas that we released during the exercise can be keys at the time of making you forget the feared and painful cramps.


Can we do something to solve it?

The good news? The weight we gain during the period is not real weight, just water (thank your hormones). Only, you will have to wait five to seven days to be yourself again. Although, luckily, there are some tricks that can help.

To start, drink a lot of water to compensate for the swelling, at least, eight glasses. If you can, do not give up your exercise routine and face discomfort while doing sports. We know it is difficult, but it has many benefits.

How to fight swelling, mood swings and your hormones revolutionized in general? Vitamin B and magnesium supplements, according to experts.

The definitive solution? Wear loose dresses, and comfortable clothes. Just so that the week becomes more bearable. On the positive side, it's only once a month.It is the only thing we find consolation.

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