If you are over 40, do not even think about doing all these exercises

You are one of those who have reached the age of 40 and you feel the batteries more charged than ever, you eat the world bite by bite and you even feel much better than when you were a kid, but don't trust yourself too much. Even if you know badly to recognize it, your joints are not what they were and they are weaker, the bones more fragile and although it seems the heart is not in the same way it used to be. Therefore, you should think about modify some of the workouts that you used to do and adapt a little more to the pace of life that you currently lead.

Of course, sport is essential at all stages of our lives, but if you're going rough in the gym and this affects your health, maybe you should rethink some of these exercises, which you probably still do as if you enjoy the freshness and freshness of your first youth. Do not fool yourself, no matter how much you repeat it, the 40 are not the new 30.

Dead weight

Have you ever seen an old man lift half his weight in a weightlifting competition? Of course, no. We're not calling you old, but maybe you should avoid the deadlift.

As we get older muscles and bones weaken and they can get injured more easily. This type of exercise is incredibly difficult even for the youngest athletes and requires that they be in very good shape, although it is true that it is a excellent resistance training.


You will ask: Neither? We are sorry. The central out is important and all men want to enjoy a 'six pack' and not of a 'gordominal'but they are definitely not the best option when you suffer from neck or lower back pain. Dr. Allen Conrad says it in 'Best Life': "Most people who do abs usually pull the neck, which causes them a lot of pain in the long run."


When you're over 40, brisk walking, jogging and even running with control are a fantastic way to exercise, but we can't say the same about sprint.

Do not be confused, although there are exercises that it is better not to practice once you reach middle age, the worst is not to practice any sport

According to Conrad: "This intense form of cardio can put too much strain on the hearts of middle-aged people. Unless you're a professional runner and you're used to it training class, avoid it and choose moderate cardio".


Knee joints They deteriorate naturally with age. When you are 40 years oldIt is better to avoid exercises that can damage them, and after all, squats require a lot of strength. If, in spite of everything, you want to continue doing them, you can always do them incorporating a chair in exercise with which you will put less pressure on your joints.

Scissor Jumps

Don't you do cardio regularly? So don't try this intense training, because you don't have the right preparation. And even if you think you are trained for it, it is better to follow lower intensity workouts that help Strengthen muscles and stay fit without increasing your heartbeat too much. Avoid the high intensity aerobic exercises and the jumps because they are very stressful and do more harm than good.

And especially, nothing at all

You will think after reading this: "Well, I'm leaving because I can't do anything." Error dear influential reader of El Confidencial. The worst exercise you can do after 40 is just not doing any. The less you move, the more pain you will have in the future. Staying active is undoubtedly the best thing you can do to take care of your physique and your heart.