If you are going to meet yours at home these are the precautions you should take

Coronavirus isolation has a very long shadow. It is being a real drama at the national and global level and, in addition to having very serious consequences that have resulted in thousands of losses, it has also brought insecurity, anxiety, fear and uncertainty to the population. It is true that we have taken advantage of the time making many recipes at home, activities with children, we are teleworking and turning our house into a safer and more comfortable space for day to day, but finally the de-escalation brings with it some small pleasures of life that is to be able to reunite with our loved ones, yes, with the utmost caution in this so-called "new normal".

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The map of Spain is now in phase 1 and 2 of de-escalation and the communities, such as Madrid, have passed to phase 1, are allowed to meet again with family and friends but with certain restrictions. Meetings of up to 10 people are allowed, either in private homes or on the street, complying with the necessary security measures and which we all already know as the safety distance and the use of a mask. How are the meetings to be held at home? Without a doubt they will be a great joy but also a headache for many since in what way can we safely receive our own at home? What precautions should we take?

The shoes at the entrance

Surely you have already acquired the habit of Asians (and many Westerners) of leaving shoes at the entrance in these last weeks. Common sense dictates that you continue to take this action to avoid Covid-19 infections.So, whether guests are coming home or you are visiting, remember to always leave your shoes at the door to avoid risks. This way you also avoid leaving dirt from the street on the floor that is always much more hygienic. You can offer shoes to be at home as slippers or sandals to your visits or socks to make them comfortable. In many establishments that have just reopened to the public, they use disposable bootees that can also be an option.

Cleaning hands

As soon as you arrive, it is convenient to use hydroalcoholic gel at the door of the house and then access the toilet to properly wash your hands with soap for at least 15 seconds. You can leave the hand sanitizer in the entrance for your guests to use when you enter or carry it yourself in the bag if you are going to visit.. A correct cleaning of hands is one of the most important gestures to avoid the spread of the virus.

No more hugs, handshakes, two kisses or hugs. It is a shame and it is in our DNA engraved by fire but we have to try to avoid them at all costs because they are a proven source of contagion and must be avoided at all costs. Your health and that of your loved ones is at stake so take care of them more than ever and leave hugs and kisses for later, you can start practicing word art and tell them how much you love them and have missed them, but leaves physical contact out of the equation.

Who can I receive / visit?

We really want to see our loved ones but it is essential to continue protecting our elderly and sick people. The competent authorities have recommended limiting visits to the population at risk (elderly and sick), unless they are essential, to avoid risks. Remember that we continue to live with the virus and that passing the phase does not mean that it is no longer with us but that the hospitals are not so overwhelmed. By being responsible and caring for each other, let's hope this pandemic is history sooner rather than later.

Although meetings of up to 10 people are allowed, keep in mind the place where you are going to meet and the space you have to maintain distances. The ideal would be to hold smaller meetings if the space is closed and small. In the event of holding meetings with up to 10 people in which it is not possible to maintain the safety distance, authorities recommend wearing masks to prevent further spread of the virus.

Protect your home

If you are going to receive people at home you can shield your house to prevent the virus from settling if any guest is carrying it. Cover your chairs and sofas with covers or fabrics that you can wash at 60º in the washing machine once the guests return to their homes.

Another good idea is, if you're going to put something to eat and drink, protect the table with a disposable paper tablecloth, paper napkins, disposable cups and cutlery, so you could get rid of all the material with which the guests have been in contact with one stroke at the end of the expected meeting.

Remember that sharing is not recommended so forget about the snacks and snacks that everyone can grab. Opt for dishes or containers, individual even if they are snacks or appetizers, it is much more hygienic and one more guarantee to avoid contagions.

After the visit it is time to disinfect the home, ventilate the house well and thoroughly clean the areas where the meeting has been held. Floor, handlebars, knobs, chairs, tables … correct disinfection of your home will ensure that it is a safe area and free of viruses.

Is it a good idea to take out the mobile?

Mobile is a source of rapid contagion, why? Because it is in contact with surfaces and with the hands constantly. Try to keep it disinfected and not walk around taking it out and supporting it on tables or shelves because it is a way of contagion which is often not taken into account. For many weeks you have not seen yours, leave your mobile stored during your visit and ask your guests to do the same so as not to put yourself at unnecessary risk. If its use is essential for any reason, use it, disinfect it and save it again. Having several phones on the areas you are sharing is not safe, do not forget.

Hopefully this whole health emergency situation will end soon and that security measures can be relaxed in the meantime, keep taking care of yourself and taking care of yours, protecting yourself is the best thing you can do for them. It is everyone's responsibility that we can return to a new normality more similar to the one we all knew.

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